Thursday, July 19, 2018

Throwback Thursday - vintage frequency voltmeter

Most radio hobbyist, have at least one 'boat anchor' lurking somewhere in their radio shack - and here at Teak Publishing, we have our own in the DX Cabin.

The above photo is of a Philco 128A Frequency Selective Voltmeter. And what is it for ? A Frequency Selective Voltmeter incorporates digital signal processing, based on design to provide high accuracy and stability. The unit is designed for level measurement of the selected frequencies, and also provides functionality of AC and DC voltage measurements. We picked this up at a Bob Grove Auction, and since then, has graced our shack.

Do you have a 'boat anchor' in your shack, or a vintage QSL ? Contact me at the above email address in the masthead. Throwback Thursday comes around once a week - share it with our global followers.