Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Making Local Radio That Isn’t

How has radio changed without the Main Studio Rule?

Dave Beasing· Nov 19, 2018

It’s been a year now since the Federal Communications Commission regulation widely known as the “Main Studio Rule” was abolished. Local radio stations are no longer required to operate a studio and have a physical presence within the city-grade signal contour of their official city of license.

“I have not seen any widespread move to abolish studios and to consolidate operations,” says David Oxenford, partner in the D.C. law firm of Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer. He cautions that, “Stations still need to address the issues of importance to their community in their programming, and maintain a toll-free phone line that’s answered during normal business hours.”

Of course, those requirements can be fulfilled from a distance, and the Main Studio Rule itself was — in reality — treated as a formality at times, an expensive one.
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