Sunday, February 17, 2019

QSL Report

QSL Report

QSL listings are from various post, from the February 2019 issue of NASWA, Listener's Notebook.

Information edited for clarity by Teak Publishing

QSL via Gayle Van Horn Collection
6135 kHz, QSL Radio Aparecida. Received in 2.5 months. Verification card from Cassiano Macedo, for Portuguese reception report. Program details to:;; and (Ivan Zelenyi-Russia, HCDX/Jan 19/WWDXC-TopNews)

9400 kHz, The Mighty KBC via Kostinbrod. Full data E-QSL for English program. Received in four days for program details to: (Hansjoerg Biener-Germany/WWDXC-Top News)

9520 kHz, PBS Nei Menggu (Hohhot). E-QSL received in one day, for Chinese program. Program details to: (Rudolf Grimm-Brazil/WWDXC-Top News)

4850 kHz, PBS Xinjiang (Urumqi), E-QSL received in three days for Kazakh program details to: (Rudolf Grimm-Brazil/WWDXC/Top News)

China (Tibet) 4905 kHz. Holy Tibet. Full data QSL card Potala Palace in Lhasa. Received in 104 days for Tibetan program details to: (Alexander Golovikhin-Russia/WWDXC-Top News)

9975 kHz. Furusato no Kaze, Full data verification letter and frequency schedule in Japanese/Korean. Received in 113 days for program details to: (Alexander Golovikhin-Russia/WWDXC/Top News)

6005 kHz. Voice of Mongolia via Kall, Germany relay. Handwritten partial data QSL on a greeting card. Received in 18 days for English programming. E-report to:  (Hansjoerg Biener-Germany/WWDXC/Top News)

9620 kHz, All India Radio via Aligarh and Delhi on 11560. Full data QSL card. Received in 111 days for e-report to: (Ivan Zelenyi-Russia/DX Fanzine)

Radio Thailand. After a repeated reminder at the end of November, a new QSL card from Radio Thailand was received for a report dated June 20, 2018. The card’s theme is Democracy Monument, a public monument in the center of Bangkok, Photo by Pori Kittawornrat. Frequency schedule also received. (Dmitry Elagin, Saratov-RUS, via RUSdx #1008/WWDXC/Top News)