Friday, March 29, 2019

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All times UTC // parallel frequency

SDR locations as indicated
Stations monitored 19 - 28 March 2019
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Signal from Radio Erena on 9720 kHz
Radio Erena, 9720 kHz, 1700. Announcer's text in listed Tigrinya. Station identification at 1717, continued text. Listed via Bulgaria relay. Musical ID 1722 and talk. Echo-effect station information and announcer's script. Website: plus FB page link. Headlines from 1730-1735, followed by Afro pop vocals. Was scheduled for 1730 sign-off. Lots of talk about Somalia, and Somaliland. SIO 443 (SDR-Qatar).

Denge Welat, 9525 kHz from 1745. Ex Denge Kurdistan, via Issoudun, France relay. Horn of Africa vocals at tune-in. Station targeted to the Middle East. Subsequent rechecks on following day from 1510 on 11530 kHz. (Qatar SDR).

Republic of Yemen Radio/Radio Sana'a, 11860 kHz from 1520 tune-in-1545. Announcer's Arabic conversation in progress, believe this was a discussion on the Qu'ran. Station assumed to broadcast via a transmitter in Saudi Arabia. (Qatar-SDR)

Radio Fana, 6110 kHz. Horn-of-Africa music at 1535 tune-in. Additional tunes, announcer's talk and station ID. Station broadcast in Afar/Amharic/and ethnics. Similar format for Ethiopia's Voice of Tigray Revolution on 5950 kHz. (S Africa SDR) Audible on recheck from 1705, as announcer's trade news-script format in presumed Oromo or Somali. Fanfare tune intros for ID and additional features. Global Radio Guide schedule to 2100.

Pars Today/VOIRI. German service from 1800 on 6025 // 7425. program information to radio drama.  (SDR-NLD)

Arabic on 6060 kHz at 2045 tune-in. Arabic programming with intro information, followed by Qu'ran segment 2054-2059, Arabic vocal tunes. Station ID 2103 on 11870 into brief Arabic script. Active on this frequency to 0000. Fair signal quality SIO 323. Fair signal noted for Spanish service on 7360 kHz to Europe 2105-2110 (GRC SDR).

Radio Kuwait, 11630 kHz. Low audio level for Arabic script from 1420 tune-in. Frequency 9750 dominated by NHK Japan. Qur'an commenced 1434-1503. Brief station announcement as a new series of Qu'ran begins at 1503 as signal peaks at SIO 433-Qatar SDR)

KTRK Birinchi Radio-Prgm 1. Kyrgyz/Russian service on 4010 kHz. 1259 tune-in with announcers canned comment in Russian. Fanfare music at 1300, station ID into male/female news readers. Additional fanfares between news items. Segments of a speech into continued news items. Same style routine of station's Prgrm 2 on 4820 kHz in presumed Kyrgyz language. (Kazakhstan-SDR)

RTL Radio Luxembourg on LW 234 kHz. Male/female announcer duo trade evening news stories at 2110 and local chat. Ads for software. Station operates 24 hour schedule. Killer signal as always via NLD SDR.

Radio Madagasikara, 6135 kHz. Tune-in 1420 to French announcer's chat to 1427 and mentions of station. Programming shifted to 5010 kHz, African music, French programming to 1900. (S Africa SDR)

Sultanate of Oman
Radio Sultanate of Oman, 15140 kHz. Arabic newscript from 1505 tune-in to 1510. Fanfare intros for additional briefs. Arabic musical vocals, chat into radio drama/soap opera format. Fair signal SIO 232. Global Radio Guide winter schedule listing to 1800 on this frequency. (Qatar SDR)

Saudi Arabia
SBC/Itha' Huna Al Azm, 11745 kHz. Monitoring from 1530 as male/female's conversation. Fair signal SIO 322.

Radio Apintie, 4990 khz. Active on shortwave from 21 March, heard as; 0055-0059, 0139-0149, 0225-0245, 0600-0620 and 2325-2325. Using the Boa Vista, RR, Brazil Kiwi SDR unit at, is a good location to check for alternative monitoring.

Voice of Turkey, 12035 kHz, 1334. English world news in progress at tune-in. Station promos, additional news and This day in History feature. Turkish pop music and travelogue program to pop music. (NLD SDR)

ZNBC Radio 1-Lusaka 5915 kHz. Tune-in from 1545 with music, news and extensive coverage on flooding in Mozanbique in Zambian ethnic language. Schedule as 0245-2205 UTC.
(GVH/Teak Publishing)