Friday, January 10, 2020

Radio Onda begins testing on shortwave

Today's follow-up from my original post on January 7.

Rádio Onda has moved to 5940 kHz from 6060 kHz. Heard testing today at 1100 on 5940.05v kHz, weak here in Finland. (Mauno Ritola on WRTH Facebook group, 5 Jan)
(Radio Onda's entry is on page 459/460 of WRTH 2020 under Belgium - though SW licence is for 1 kW from site in Netherlands see:

"Welcome to Radio Onda's website! We are broadcasting in DAB+ from Brussels. Here you can listen, in addition to the good French music, the best international hits 80s and 90s, and of course, the beautiful Brazilian music! Listen to the broadcast of Radio Onda also on 6060 kHz"

"Radio Onda is managed by ASBL Onda, a non-profit association based in Bruxellas, Belgium. Our activities are aimed at the dissemination of Brazilian culture by the old continent. In addition to webradio, we have a 6030 kHz Shortwave broadcaster from Holland, with 1 KW of power, covering much of Europe. The programming of the station is quite varied, and here you will hear from MPB, National Rock, Samba, Country, among other national styles. This way, we bring you a great variety of music, with lots of humor and information, for an audience not only Brazilian, but also Belgian and European. ASBL Onda is a member of HFCC, an international organization for shortwave radio frequency coordination, in addition to the Geneva-based ITU." (translated from Portuguese at
(N.B. Voz Missionaria, Brazil also uses 5940 kHz, though off channel around 5939.7 kHz)
(A. Pennington/BDXC)

A-20 season registered already, start as from March 29, 2020.
5940 kHz 0000-2400 UT ITU CIRAF zones 27E,28NW  MRT 1 kW  0=non-directional ITU antenna type '700
(W. Bueschel/WWDXC10 Jan 2020)

French website listing 6060 kHz, streaming audio is not active.

blog post: January 7, 2020
New time of Radio Onda ASBL via Margraten, Netherlands effective December 6, 2019
0000-1700 on 5940 kHz (MRT 001 kW / non-dir) Portuguese to Western Europe. (ex 24hrs)
(edited for clarity)
(DX Bulgaria 07 Jan 2020)

Listed in WRTH 2020 as;
Radio Onda, 6060 kHz 1600-2300 in English, French, Portuguese. Station inactive at time of publication, but due to air in the near future. Station is produced by the registered voluntary association 'Onda pour le dévelopement de la communication sociale et culturlle de la communauté Brésilienne en Belgigue."
(WRTH 2020)
French website listing 6060 kHz, streaming audio is not active.