Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Special Thanksgiving programming from WBCQ

News from WBCQ and FTIO Music host, William Tilford writes A WBCQ Thanksgiving will broadcast from WBCQ. Even in a year like this one, there is much for which we can be thankful for, and in that spirit, WBCQ The Planet will air special programming, courtesy of time donated by Allan and Angela Weiner, will present A WBCQ Thanksgiving

Programming is scheduled for Thursday, November 26 from 10pm-11pm EST (0300-0400 UTC Friday, November 27) on 6160 and 7490 kHz. 

This very special broadcast will present a variety of content including; Marion's Attic and Uncle Bill's Melting Pot will present music for the occasion, The beHAVior Night Players Tell The Thanksgiving Story will present a scripted short play, and The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show will serve up some helpings from both Area 51 and Area 61, a mix of music and old-time radio content.

The Isle of Music has a couple of time changes from November. The new schedule is Sunday 1500 on 9400 via Spaceline, Bulgaria, Tuesday 0100 on 7490 via WBCQ, and Tuesday 1900 and on Saturday at 1300. Both will broadcast on 6070 kHz via Channel 292.
(Tilford Productions)