Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Radio Emma Toc World Service, December schedules

Program Contents - 60-minute show this month with a look at dramatic events heard on the radio
from the Falkland Islands to the North Sea, Radio Morania, hellos to our broadcast relay partners & our listeners, & a 30-minute edition of 'Sunny Jim's Trance Journey'...

Ways to listen...   Radio Emma Toc World Service - Program No. 8 - December 2020

You can listen online at   - visit the World Service page.

You can listen to our shortwave or MW or FM broadcasts via our relay partners as follows:

WRMI - Radio Miami International - 9955kHz - covering Latin America and beyond
Tues 18:00 EasternTime / 23:00 UTC and Wed 20:00 Eastern Time / 01:00 (Thurs) UTC  

WRMI - Radio Miami International - 9455kHz - covering Eastern North America and beyond
 Sundays 21:00 EasternTime / 02:00 (Monday) UTC  

World  FM -  88.2MHz / 107.6MHz - covering Tawa, Marahau & Stoke, New Zealand
 Sundays 22:00 NZST / 10:00 UTC and Thursdays 16:30 NZST / 04:30 UTC.  (alternating with other programs)

Channel 292 - 6070kHz - covering Europe and beyond 
Fri December 11 7:00 UTC  &  Tuesday 15th Dec  15:00 UTC 

Scandinavian Weekend Radio - 6170kHz / 11690kHz / 1602kHz / 94.9MHz 
covering Finland and Europe - Saturday  December 5 08:00UTC 

Happy listening! If you are outside the transmitter coverage areas, why not listen via the broadcasters' online services. Website details for the above stations are listed on our website at: 

If you don't have access to receivers and aerials you can try using an online SDR receiver at - experience the enjoyment of tuning around shortwave from worldwide locations online.

We are happy to issue eQSLs for reception reports sent to  and we gladly include for online reports. If using an online SDR, please give us the SDR location.

If any stations wish to relay our program, a download link is available on our website. Please advise us of times and dates so we can publicize in our schedule.

Thank you!
Jim Salmon
Radio Emma Toc