Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Radio Belarus International program schedule updates

From the July British DX Club, Listening Post column, Alan Roe reports the following:

Radio Belarus QSL card

Radio Belarus International
Some weeks ago, Radio Belarus made a few adjustments to their schedule, so here is their latest monitored schedule. Some additional program notes can be found in the September 2020 edition of Listening Post. 

All times UTC
Both broadcasts are on 3985kHz via Kall in Germany.
Daily 1700 Daily news review
Monday 1720 Co-operation Vector 1740 Heritage
Tuesday 1720 International Review 1740 Famous People of Belarus
Wednesday 1720 Letters to the Editor 1740 People’s Diplomacy
Thursday 1720 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reports 1740 Letters to the Editor
Friday 1720 Belarus in the World Community 1740 Made in Belarus
Saturday 1720 Social Cause 1740 Together
Sunday 1720 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reports 1740 Letters to the Editor 1900-2000
Daily 1900 Daily news review
Monday 1920 Our Integration 1940 Voices of the Century
Tuesday 1920 Environment 1940 Our Music
Wednesday 1920 Generation Next 1940 Our Music
Thursday 1920 In the Depth of the Country 1940 Our Music
Friday 1920 Window to Belarus 1940 Our Music
Saturday 1920 Belarusian High Tech 1940 In the Galaxy of Muses
Sunday 1920 From Slavic Roots 1940 Belarusian Music Anthology

Most programs run 10-15 minutes, with Music Box (usually a Belarusian rock/pop song) and
many tourism promos to fill the time until the next feature.
(Alan Roe, Listening Post-BDXC, July 2021)