Tuesday, November 29, 2022

New medium wave transmitters in Romania


Relations are tense between Radio Romania and the National Radiocommunication Society. Radio Romania is tired of increasingly poor performances of transmissions made with material over twenty years old.

The Romanian Broadcasting Company (SRR) was, even, on the verge of terminating the contract and taking all technical and legal measures to repair the damage caused by the SNR.

Following complaints, the National Society of Radiocommunications (SNR or Radiocom) has launched a tender for the renewal of 5 medium wave transmitters. The choice of the supplier will be made soon

The main transmitter center affected by the grievances of Radio Romania is the one of Constanta in Valu lui Traian, where a transmitter has been out of order for almost two years. But the concern is also at the level of short-wave transmitters where outages have occurred for years.

Instead of investing in equipment replacement and upgrading, SNR invested in other highly controversial areas, according to “Cet? Aueanul” investigations. just”.

The threats posed by the Romanian Broadcasting Society are resolved by the upcoming acquisition of 5 new medium-wave transmitters, 3 of which will be installed in Valu lui Traian:

1 25 kW AM transmitter – DRM simulcast on 909 kHz for Radio Constanta;
1 50 kW AM transmitter – DRM simulcast on 1314 kHz for Antenna Satelor;
1 50 kW AM transmitter – DRM simulcast on 1458 kHz to replace Radio Romana Actualitäti transmitter that has been currently out of service for two years.

The other two transmitters will be installed in Oradea Rontau for Radio Romana Actualitäti on 603 kHz (1 50 kW AM transmitter – DRM simulcast) and in Bucharest Her?str?u for Antenna Satelor on 603 KHz (1 25 kW AM transmitter – DRM Simulcast).

In addition to these 5 OM transmitters and a solution for OC transmitters and antennas, the Romanian Radiodiffusion Society is also waiting for the refurbishment of all FM transmitters and the urgent start of the DAB+.

On its part, SRTv demanded the completion of the full commissioning of the DVB-T2 digital television, delayed for almost two years.

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