Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Russian shelling results in transmitter outages


November 24, 2022
After the nationwide shelling by the Russian troops at 23.11.2022, UR-1 (Ukraine, UR1 Pershiy kanal) is silent on 873, 1278 and 1404 kHz. Only 657 is working but with much less power than usual.
László Tringer (2022-11-24)

On 26 November from 00.01 news in Ukrainian confirmed on 873 (here under muslim sermon), 1386 and 1404 (here under Romania). No traces on 657 and 1278. When I am in Sofia (southern of Balkan Mountain) the signal on 873 is strong but when I am in north of Balkan is tiny).

November 26
Rumen Pankov to MWlist iog 
Now at 1130 I can hear 657 kHz even here in Finland, 873 kHz has Moldova and 1404 kHz Romania. 1278 kHz remains silent.
Mauno Ritola to MWlist iog (2022-11-27)

1278 Ukraine by me is not on the air since November 23 
Rumen Pankov to MWlist iog (2022-11-25)

Yes, unfortunately, seems also 873 and 1404 kHz are silent now.
Mauno Ritola to MWlist iog (2022-11-25)

YouTube video from February 24, 2022 
UR1 Pershiy kanal on 549 and 873 kHz

UR1 Pershiy kanal 549 kHz and QRM ELIMINATOR X-PHASE by RA0SMS