Monday, March 09, 2009

Blog Logs - Asia

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

4950 Voice of Pujiang 1422-1444 Feb 24. Live coverage and/or analysis of some event to 1430., followed by a mix of chat and music. Fair signal but noisy band. // 3280 and 5075, both poor in noise conditions. (John Wilkins-CO)

4940, Voice of Strait, 1516-1530, March 1. “Focus on China” Sunday program in English with news item about a high school conference held in China; ID “This is the Voice of Strait. If you want more information on China, please write to Box 187, Voice of Strait, Fuzhou, Fujian, zip code 350012, P.R.C.” Chinese service at 1530 for the first time I heard a het here, assume caused by either All India Radio or VOS being slightly off frequency, best in USB to get away from the het (Ron Howard, CA)

4700, All India Radio (location?), 1330 + 1454-1517, March 2. Here again, with assume another error in entering the frequency, but by who? Suppose it could be AIR Hyderabad entering 4700 instead of 4800, but for me 4800 is covered by strong CNR-1, so I am unable to confirm
their absence there. First heard on Feb 27 and not since then, till today. 1330 below threshold level. Checked again to find this steadily improving. Assume in Hindi talk, Music at 1500 to music program of indigenous chanting/singing, progtram switched at 1512 over to New Delhi programming (series of ads, followed by the news in assume Hindi); after 1512 was // 9425
(Ron Howard, CA)

3987.06 RRI Manokwari. Pop Ballad at 1058 to announcer ans three-note 3 note piano (with echo) played three times. Time signal ticks to lady announcer, and nice site identification into news segments and mentions of "Manokwari, Indonesia," and RRI. Amateur radio operators on 3987.5 causing massive interference. (Dave Valko, PA/ DXpedition 6 March/Cumbre DX)

3976.06 RRI Pontianak 1332-1406 Feb 26. Assorted vocal music, only one brief announcement by male announcer at 1349. At 1400, one-and-a-half minutes of local five-note interval signal on piano. Local news. Fair signal with noted amateur radio interference. (John WIlkins, CO)

524.96 Voice of Indonesia Glad to see this one back on here with male's newscast in Indonesian
1200. Voice of Indonesia station promo with web address at 1226. Strong. (Dave Valko, PA/DXpedition 6 March/Cumbre DX)

9524.98, Voice of Indonesia, 1335-1404, March 6, English talk about economic developments in Indonesia. Local music. Closing English announcements at 1402 and into Malay at 1403. Fair signal, stronger than usual. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9525.0, Voice of Indonesia, 1330-1404 + 1502-1506*, March 4. Returned here yet again! Started out very poor against a strong Firedrake & CNR-1 jamming on 9530, till they went off at 1400; full VOI IDs at 1402 and 1502; news in English till suddenly off (Ron Howard, CA)

9525.0, Voice of Indonesia, 1321-1329 + 1435, March 5. Pre-1400 reception was poor due to strong Firedrake and CNR-1 jamming on 9530. Post-1400 reception was fair (Ron Howard, CA)

3925 Radio Nikkei 1317-1330* Feb 26. Japanese talk from announcer to 1328, then
presumed national anthem. Program close-down announcement at 1329 with several JOZx callsigns given with powers and frequencies. Good signal. (John Wilkins, CO)

6130, Lao National Radio. A change from their normal schedule. March 3 & 4, from 1416 to 1433, without the usual foreign language programs (English lesson on Tue. and French on Wed.), but instead just playing Southeastern Asian music and songs (Ron Howard, cA).

6099.70, Voice of Malaysia (presumed), 1442-1455*, March 4. Sounded to be in scheduled Burmese (definitely a Southeastern Asian language), along with easy-listening songs. SIgnal poor (Ron Howard, CA).

7270.39v, Wai FM via RTM, 1410, March 4. They continue their daily slight drift up in frequency, which is a good thing, as they have better reception the more they are away from QRM on 7270.0 (Ron Howard, CA)

7270.36v, Limbang FM and Wai FM via RTM, 1356-1433, March 2. All in vernacular. DJ playing pop songs to two pips at 1400. Newscast, at the end of which heard ID for “Limbang FM”. Noted after 1405 DJ playing pop songs, with many on-air calls. Many station ID' as, “Wai FM” (pronounced “Why FM”). This time period is much better, due to less QRM before 1430, but with QRN. After 1430 noted usual chanting (do not believe it was reciting from the Qur’an). Seems that Limbang FM is still being relayed via Wai FM, probably from about 1315 to 1405, but needs better confirmation as to the exact times. Audio streaming at Could not find the Wai FM website that was available in early 2008, the one that showed their schedule (Ron Howard, CA)

7270.40v, Limbang FM and Wai FM via RTM, 1342-1412, March 5. Clear “Limbang FM” ID with just one frequency given in MHz. Pop song to two signal pips at 1400. Shortened news ending at 1403, with a final “Limbang FM” identification. Program begins with their Wai FM programming of pop songs and has many “Wai FM” ID's. Signal quality almost fair. This has indeed become a regular one for me again (Ron Howard, CA)

5770 Myanmar Defense Forces BS (tentative) Just a carrier here at 1129. Possibly a little music very weak at 1155. (Dave Valko, PA/ DXpedition 6 March/Cumbre DX)

Papua New Guinea
3290 Radio Central. Local music from announcer at 1110. (Dave Valko, PA/ DXpedition 6 March/Cumbre DX)

3305 Radio Western 1151 Song anmnt ("Oh Stella") via announcer. Song started and suddenly dropped down, then back up later. Engliag at 1155 into announcement by male announcer with greetings to listeners, followed by Celine Dion "You Made Me Love You" still going at 1159. Recheck two minutes later and was playing an instrumental guitar song, then deadair at 1204*. Missed sign-off announcement, if there were indeed any. Good signal.(Dave Valko, PA/
DXpedition 6 March/Cumbre DX)

9615, Radio Veritas Asia, 1130-1155*, March 6, talk in listed Mandarin. Some inspirational music. Sign off with English ID announcement at 1155. Fair to good. (Brian Alexander,

6120 Radio Nederland relay via Kranji. 2303-2310, 3/3/2009, Bahasa. Man and woman talking. Poor signal. Parallel 9525 (Tinang) noted with slightly better signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

Solomon Islands
9541.50, SIBC, 1512-1542, March 4. Surprised how well this was heard just after my local sunrise. BBC news and “World Briefing”; never any local announcements; 1542 covered by very strong sign-on of a real BBC station, via Singapore on 9540.0, with recorded loop that I am unfamiliar with: “This is the BBC. There are no programs on this channel at present. Details of all our services are at”; 1545 subcontinent musical fanfare and into
scheduled Tamil (Ron Howard, CA)

6150, Radio Taiwan International, (presumed) 1040-1050. Noted a male/female host with Chinese comments. Brief music between topics. Signal never improved beyond a poor level. (Chuck Bolland, FL March 7, 2009)

9840 Voice of Vietnam via Son Tay, 2333-2340, 3/3/2009, English. News read by man/female. Station identification at 2340. Weak signal with slight improvement by 2340. (Jim Evans, TN)