Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Logs - pirate radio activity

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sing-on sign-off*

Channel Z Radio
6937.2t AM 2148, SIO=151. Per a tip, found this weak carrier here. It was said to be Channel Z testing QRP with a Corsair transmitter, but I got no audio out of this, despite an audible het.
E-mail from station confirmed that this was them, but otherwise this is tentative. (G. Zeller, OH)

Ernest T.
6925USB, 1957-2008*, Odd assortment of tunes and bits. ID per FRN posts. SIO=2+53- on peak. (H. Frodge, MI)

James Bond Radio
6950AM, 18:52-19:25 SINPO 34433. On with ID as "Bond, James Bond, Shaken not Stirred." and Goldfinger, Thunderball. (Ragnar-MI)

Liquid Radio
6925 AM 02/14/09 15:00-16:09 SINPO 25232. Music fighting against the static 15:10
Liquid Radio ID, Never SayNever, People are still having Sex. dance/club music with frequent ID's.(Ragnar-MI)

MAC Shortwave
MAC- 6924.7AM 1559-1702*, SIO=423 Lengthy program of rock oldies and novelty music with their new young boy announcer who calls himself "Ultra Man." Gave address as as usual. Hello to listeners and to the FRN. Good level but bothered by local noise. (G. Zeller,OH)

Paul Harvey Tribute Station
6925USB, 0317-0319.* SIO 343,heard Paul Harvey talking about a bong, courtesy of a
little creative editing. (McArdle-OK)

Purple Nucleus of Creation
6950USB, 18:58-19:25 SINPO 34333. Mellow instrumental music. ID at 19:05 (Ragnar, MI)

Radio Free Speech
6925, *2201-2226*, Bill O.Rights with a very well produced show of political satire. Constitutional commentary by Mr. Rights. The parody ads and mx were nice too. Strong signal hampered by QRM. Signal fair-good. (Wood, TN)

Radio Free Speech
6925 AM, 21:10- SINPO 34323 Bill O Rights classic show with bits from the Rev. Holy Moley, Montana sheep Orchestra. and the Trucker Tabernacle. Several of the RFS shows were played in succession. (Ragnar,MI).

Radio Ga Ga
6925USB, 2335 tune in. Heard male vocals singing "I Took The Fast Train," followed by station ID at 2340 as "Radio Ga Ga," repeated three times. An e-mail address was given, but I could only copy the portion. [I posted my logging on the FRN Vines and received an e-mail response from L Cee, who was able to copy the full address as:] (Thanks, L Cee!) Programming ended at 2341. SIO=353 (E. Insinger, NJ)

The Crooked Man
6955AM, 1944 RFS from 1930-1944, Crooked Man from 1944-?, then back to RFS until 2048 signoff or fadeout? Nice to hear both again even if they were reruns. (Lee Silvi, Ohio)

Voice of Kaos
6925USB, *0019:11-0030+, Folksy rock tunes and old TV show theme (Don Adams?). "The Voice of Kaos brings chaos; The Voice of Kaos is not an international organization of evil." Mentioned new email addy is SIO=343+ "pescador" QRM. (H. Frodge, MI)

WBNY (P.O. Box 1, Belfast NY 14711)
6925AM, 2105, SINPO 24222 Commander Bunny in the static with a new program announcing the winners of the talent show contest. (Ragnar- MI)

WBNY-Radio Bunny, 6925 AM, 2249-2320, SIO: 232 Station ID, talk by Commander Bunny with mentions of Ann Coulter, how to punish telemarketers, phone call from Bozo. [Lobdell-MA]

WBNY-Radio Bunny, 6925 AM, 2330-2340*, 02-25-09 SIO: 343 "Easter Egg Song", L Cee, Talent Contest Winners. (C. Lobdell, MA)

WEAK Radio
6925AM, 0012-0016:25.* Funky tune to station ID at sign-off. SIO=2+42+. Lotsa "pescadores" tonight on 6925-27 (H. Frodge, MI)
Wind-Up Radio
6925AM, 2121-2200* Fair/good signal with a lot of short term fading. Show had a Dire Straights tune, song "Grow Up." An ad for the Church of the Sub Genius was aired. Male announcer gave the Wind UP radio ID. (Majewski CT)

6924.7AM, 1632-1654.* SIO=444. Nice level with a slogan of "We Monkeys Radio." Program of rock music including, "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane, "Cupid," "Betty Davis Eyes," and "Cat's In the Cradle." Most songs played only part way through due to short attention span of monkeys in the audience. (G. Zeller, OH)
(FRW # 679 via Bill Finn; # 680 via Ed Kusalik; # 681 via Harold Frodge; # 682 via Radnar Daneskjold)

Euro Pirates
Mystery Radio
6220AM, 0044-0057. Poor signal Usual show of dance music with female vocalists. I have found that I can eliminate the utility interference by using the E1 AM synchronous detect in LSB mode. However, Rdaio Havana (aka Habana)in Spanish is now putting out spurious transmitter product on 6220AM, which can not be eliminated. (G. Majewski CT/FRW 680)

Radio Playback International
6880, 0225-0250, Tentative. ex-6870. Very weak. Some peaks up to a fair level. Pop music of the 50s. Brief English announcements but could not hear an ID. (Brian Alexander, PA)