Friday, March 13, 2009

swissinfo marks tenth anniversary of Swiss news

Today (Friday Mar. 13) marks the tenth anniversary of, a multimedia platform that produces news about Switzerland in nine languages for an international audience. Based in Bern and part of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, the enterprise was created by federal mandate. The portal replaced shortwave radio broadcasts produced by Swiss Radio International for decades.
swissinfo aims to provide an authentic image of Switzerland through special dossiers and coverage of a wide array of topics of worldwide interest. The target audience are Swiss nationals living abroad and those with ties to or an interest in the country.
Teams produce content in three national languages – French, German and Italian –as well as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. A pilot programme for a tenth language, Russian, will launch in time to cover to the World Hockey Championships in Kloten next month.
(Source: swissinfo/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)