Thursday, March 05, 2009

RNW and Voice of the People work together on Zimbabwe special

HILVERSUM – Radio Netherlands Worldwide is focussing on the crisis in Zimbabwe this week. On Friday March 6 the English service will produce a special edition of its current affairs programme Newsline. For this broadcast, RNW is working closely together with the independent Zimbabwean radio station Voice of the People.

The special broadcast will be carried in full and transmitted live on short wave by Voice of the People. The station has around one million listeners in Zimbabwe. This is the first time journalists from RNW and VoP have worked together so closely on programme content.

Listeners can send in questions to put to the guests during the Newsline special on Friday. The programme will also contain an interview with President Mugabe’s former finance minister, Simba Makoni. Apart from Africa, the programme will available on short wave and satellite in other English-speaking parts of the world as well as on our website

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(R. Netherlands, Rachel Baughn, MT)