Monday, March 16, 2009

Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran - A09 English service

IRIB External Services

Effective: 26 March - 25 October 2009
target areas: af (Africa) as (Asia) eu (Europe) na (Europe)

broadcast daily unless otherwise indicated

All times UTC

0130-0200 9495na 7235na
0200-0230 9495na 7235na

1030-1100 15600as 17660as
1100-1130 15600as 17660as

1530-1600 7305as 9600as
1600-1630 7305as 9600as

1930-2000 5945eu 6205eu 7205eu 9800af 9925af
2000-2030 5945eu 6205eu 7205eu 9800af 9925af
(VOIRI/IRIB Gayle Van Horn, Frequency Manager/Monitoring Times SW Guide)