Friday, August 13, 2010

the best from the QSL Vault

August QSL closeout
With the long-awaited autumn DX season approaching, time to clear the files, and reshuffle my in-basket of what our readers have verified recently. Whether you’re still waiting on a favorite, or working on your new Hit List, now is the time to get your listening post in order for an approaching DX season.

Martinique-FM5CD, IOTA NA-107 14 MHz RTTY. Full data color Martinique beach scenery card. Received in 35 days from Jean Brunner-QSL Manager, 9 Rue Des Pigeonniers, Montgame 86210-Vouneuil Sur Vienne, France. Operator-Michel Brunelle, P.O. Box 321, 97287 Lamentin, Martinique (Van Horn).

Sierra Leone-Sherbro Island, 9L1X, 20 meters SSB/20 meters RTTY. Full data color scenery folder card. Received in 60 days for $2.00US to Silvano Borsa-QSL Manager, Viale Capettini 1, 27036 Mortara Pv., Italy. Email (Van Horn)

St. Barthelemy Island, IOTA-NA 146, 20 meters SSB. Full data color photo of Dxpedition operators. Received in 42 days via Joe Pater-QSL Manager, 2419 Pierson Road, Oxford, OH 45056-9352 USA (Van Horn).

Adventist World Radio via Moosbrunn relay, 5970 kHz. Full data color scenery card signed by Adrian Peterson-DX Editor, plus station sticker and pocket calender. Received in 64 days for a English report and one IRC. QSL address: P.O. Box 29235, Indianapolis, IN 46229 USA. (Duane Hadley, Bristol, TN. Streaming/on-demand audio

Nippon no Kaze (Korean BCB) 9965 kHz via T8WH Palau. Email response stating QSL cards are not issued. Did not indicate transmitter site as requested. Received in four days for email and mp3 audio clip to (Edward Kusalik, Canada). 9965 kHz via T8WH, Medorn, Palau. Full data, including transmitter site via email letter. Received in 13 days for email report. Letter suggest I watch the “movie Megumi in English, a documentary on Japanese abductions.” QSL address: Policy Planning Division, Headquarters for the Abduction Issue, Cabinet Secretariat, Gov. of Japan, 1-6-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. (Wendal Craighead, Prairie Village, KS)

Amhara State Radio, Bahir Dar, 6090 kHz. Friendly email in less than 24 hours, with verification statement from Dereje Moges-Station Director at . No response to my query on original report to: Bahir Dar, Amhara Province, Ethiopia. (Brandon Jordan, Memphis, TN/HCDX)

Pan American Broadcasting via Wertachtal, 9515 kHz. Full data Media Broadcast antenna QSL card via email from Michael Puetz. Received in 22 days for email to: Website: US contact address: 7011 Koll Center Pkwy., Suite 250, Pleasonton, CA 94566-3253 USA. (Hadley)

Radio Nikkei, 3925 kHz. Full data card unsigned. Received in two weeks for an English report and two IRCs. Station address: Nikkei Radio Broadcasting Corporation, 9-15 Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8373 Japan. (Bill Wilkins, Springfield, MO) Streaming/on-demand audio

JOER 1350 AM. Received second RCC QSL card unsigned plus program schedule. Received in 545 days for an AM report and $2.00US. Station address: RCC Broadcasting Co., Ltd., 21-3 Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-8504 Japan (Patrick Martin, Seaside, OR).

KVNS 1700 AM. Full data QSL card unsigned, plus coverage map. Received in 325 days for an AM report and mint stamps. Station address: 901 East Pike Blvd., Weslaco, TX 78596 USA. (J. Munoz, San Antonio, TX).

Radio Free Asia via KHBN. Full data Year of the Ox card, transmitter site only noted as Asia. Received in 16 days for an email report to . Same card and days for RFA-Iranawila, Sri Lanka. (Kusalik) US contact address: 2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036 USA. Website:

Radyo Pilipinas, 15285 kHz. QSL card unsigned plus station sticker. Received in one month and 16 days. Station address: Philippine Broadcasting Service, 4th Floor, PIA Building, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City 1100, Metro Manila, Philippines (Peter Ng, Malaysia). Full data card signed by Ric G. Lorenzo-Audience Relations, 11730 in 85 days. (T.J. Banks, Dallas, TX)

Radio St. Helena, 11092 kHz. Full data color map/logo/ZC7RSD card signed by Gary Walter-Station Manager. Received in 151 days for report of St. Helena Day 2008 broadcast. Station address: P.O. Box 93, Jamestown, St. Helena, STHL 1ZZ South Atlantic Ocean (Frank Hillton, Charleston, SC).

Radio Liberty, 7270 via Udon Thani relay. Full data RFE Prague studio card with site. Received in 15 days for an English report. QSL address: 1201 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 USA (Banks). Streaming/on-demand audio

Sudan Radio Service relay, 13720 kHz. No data email plus attached no data confirmation letter from Michael R. Tamburo-Marketing Director. Received in 48 days for email to: . US contact address: Sudan Radio Service, EDC, 1000 Potomac Street NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20007 USA. (Albert Muick)

HLL, Seoul, South Korea 9165 kHz USB. Verification letter from Heung-yeon Choi. Also enclosed two blank cards for 6K0CE. Received in 21 days for a utility report and $2.00US. Station address; Meteorological Radio transmissions Station, 538, GongHang-dog, GangSeo-gu Seoul 157-240, Republic of Korea. (Martin Foltz, CA/UDXF)

Murmansk Radio-UDK 2, 13050 kHz USB. Prepared QSL card returned as verified, signed by Chif Sokolov V.L. Received in 19 days. Station address: 183031 Murmansk,Halatina 11-89, Russia (Vladimir Rozhkov, Russia/UDXF)

Standard Time & Frequency Station-Radio Station CHU, 7850 kHz. Full data Sandford Fleming color card, unsigned. Received in 32 days for an English report and mint stamps (used for reply). Station address: INMS/National Research Council of Canada, 1200 Montreal Road, Bldg. M-36, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OR6 Canada (Wilkins).

Vladivostok Radio-UFZ, 12799.5 kHz. Verification letter and English/Russian prepared QSL card signed by Chif Sokolov V.L. Received in 37 days for utility report and $1.00US. Station address: Primorrybsvyaz, Radiocentre UFZ, Okeanskiy prospect, 89 a, Vladivostok 690002, Russia. (Foltz)
Radio EDXP program via WWCR, 5070 kHz. Full data Maria Island, Tasmania card, signed by Bob Padula-QSL Manager. Received in 13 days for an English report and one IRC. WWCR address: F.W. Robbert Broadcasting Co., 1300 WWCR Avenue, Nashville, TN 37218 USA (Wilkins). Streaming audio
(Gayle Van Horn,QSL Report/Monitoring Times)