Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wireless World of Gerry Wells

Via Jonathan Murphy:

The Wireless World of Gerry Wells, BBC WS documentary August 20

Gerry Wells currently lives with 1,200 working radios in the house he grew up in and still lives in - now Britain's foremost 'living' radio museum. He hosts regular talks, workshops and musical evenings for devotees and followers. Eighty-year-old Gerry has devoted his whole life to repairing, caring for and making radio sets. His obsession with radio set him apart from the rest of society, but people have begun to appreciate his collection and knowledge. The Friday Documentary meets Gerry, a natural and amusing storyteller who can recall key episodes of his life in great detail, and who has remained loyal to his passion.

A preview of the programme and broadcast times are at:
(Mike Barraclough/World DX Club)