Friday, August 13, 2010

TWR replaces Creole with Spanish at night

Though I don't cover much on mediumwave here, I have alot of blog readers who do enjoy AM DXing, and this may be of interest to those that do.
Gayle VH

In a blog post dated Friday 6 August, TWR Bonaire’s Brand Swanson writes:

“We’ve been broadcasting late night programming, in Creole, to the island of Haiti, since the big earthquake there last year [sic]. Now that the local Christian radio stations are back in full swing, we don’t need to use the Bonaire transmitter to reach Haiti. So starting this past Monday night [2 August] we’ve begun to transmit a new package of music and Spanish language programs from our RTM partners in the region.

“We haven’t been on the air straight through the night for quite a number of years now, but we used to have a large late night audience and I’m hoping and praying that listeners will quickly find us again. There are a bunch of other great RTM programs in our late night lineup as well. You can even hear some of them online sometimes, when the Venezuela and Uruguay offices have their streaming audio feeds running.”

TWR broadcasts on mediumwave 800 kHz.
(R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)