Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pirate radio logs and news

Pirates Week Podcast
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August 15 Program Highlights
* Shout ours to our newest affiliate Zender Postoffice.
* ‭Pirates in the news this week include In Spain earlier this month..
the Government stated that the State Radio Agency would be clearing the airwaves of 3,000 or more Pirate Radio stations.
* FM 101: Hong Kong’s pirate radio station is still operating.
* A former member of the Israeli Black Panthers protest movement was slapped with a $7000 fine this week for operating a pirate radio station that plays Middle Eastern music in Israel.
* A BBC documentary of the current pirate radio scene in London. Narrated by a former UK pirate OP its quite interesting.
* In the UK 3 stations were raided this week with police confiscating transmitters from tower blocks in Wolverhampton.
* Deborah Stevens of Radio Free Austin which is now operating in open defiance of the FCC.
‭* Select postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly
‭* Off Air Recordings include the stations of: KUSA and Radio Weerklank
‭* Background music from the Podsafe Music Network by the artists; CHIWAWA, Matt Thorpe, World Racketeering Squad, Dan-O
‭Thanks for listening
(Ragnar Danesskjold)

Pirate Logs
All times UTC

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6932.7 AM 0031-0144+ (though the Captain seemed to be going strong at 0200). Lots of rock and blues. Enjoyed the selections. While the music sounded great, the Captain's voice was distorted. (10/S-9, SINPO 55455, "O = 2" for the distorted voice, Hunsicker, PA)

Radio Free Euphoria
6925 AM, 0017, SIO 344. Good signal here tonight many ID's then song up in smoke then something is Spanish then Cap Ganja talking about his lineage WOW.. (Sayers, PA)

The Crystal Ship
6858.06 AM, 0336-0400. Program of seventies music, caught a partial ID at 0338 with "you're listening to a commercial free Broadcast from the Crystal Ship..", followed at 0342 Tinman by America selection. Unfortunate lots of static bursts made reception rough to copy much of the programming. S1-s2 signal at best on sloper with coils cut for 3/4 wavelength for 6925.(Kusalik-Alberta, Canada)

WEAK Radio
6930 USB, 0405-0448. Program of music with what I would call from Hillbilly/banjo to African Bango to all out Rap/Pop/punk. Noted ID's at 0409 for 'W-E-A-K Radio' by female speaker. Noted at 0424 and at 0445 as 'W-E-A-K...W-E-A-K ..WEAK Radio' by female speaker. Again best heard on sloper, s1-s2 signal, peaking to s3 levels at times. Audio wasn't pretty good (especially on the ID's), by static clashes again made copy difficult at times. (Kusalik, ALberta, Canada)
(FRW 757 via Frederick Moe)

Pirates news
Dear friends in free radio,

Do you remember these dates ?
August 14th 1967 - Marine offence act
August 19th 1989 - Raid of the ship of Radio Caroline

We are playing a flashback in Easter 1984 TOP 500. Listen to it now via internet at
(F.F.F.R Peter Hills & Philippe)

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Radio Waves International
Country music show, French service,Rock City and amp. Pirate memories the sounds on short-waves around the world "on the highway to freedom"
(Peter Hills &, Philippe " The terrible twins")

For review and airplay send your promos to:
Radio Waves International
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex
(Phillip Bertrand/SW-pirates)

Euro Pirate Logs
All times UTC

3898,00 0108 2240 Radio Polaris, English, pops, jingle SINPO 24222
3898,00 0508 2119 Radio Baken16, pops, talks, rock, SINPO 24211
3901,00 0608 2145 Radio Sallandse Boer, German, rock, Susie Q, greets amateurs, rock, SINPO 24222
3905,00 0808 1945 Henk Skyline International. Tina Turner, reports from France, greet to Baro, Pretty Belinda SINPO 35333
3906,00 0608 2024 Radio Likedeeler, Dutch, piano, talks, pops SINPO 24222
3925,00 0608 2155 Radio Likedeeler, Dutch,talks, ID, ballad, Bruce Springsteen SINPO 24232
6220,00 0108 1800 Mystery Radio, English, disco dance, jingle ID SINPO 25432
6220,00 0508 1810 Mystery Radio, English disco jingle ID, SINPO 35443
6220,00 0608 1715 Mystery Radio, English disco, funky, jingle ID SINPO 35443
6220,00 0708 1705 Mystery Radio, English disco jingle ID, SINPO 24332
6220,00 0808 1525 Radio Amica, Italian pop dance, ID, notizie europee SINPO 24332
6300,00 0208 1834 unid, Funky town, jingles, Eddy Grant SINPO 35443
6301,00 0308 2020 Radio Mustang+RadioTidal Wave. English. I Was Made for Loving You Babe. ID, Men at Work SINPO 35443
6310,00 0808 1600 Radio Malaysi. English electro dance, jingle ID, funky, SINPO 34433
6375,00 0808 1713 R.Black Bandit, ballad, country, SINPO 24432
6401,00 0808 1645 Radio Black Bandit, country, Johnny Cash, country, ballad, schlager SINPO 24432
6912,00 0808 2000 Cactus Jack Radio. English, Bruce Springsteen, jingle ID, Petshop Boys SINPO 4322
6925,00 0408 1950 Spider Radio. English ballad, jingle ID, email asking for reports SINPO 24211
6925,00 0808 1950 Spider Radio. English ballad on USB SINPO 24222
7610,00 0108 1802 Radio Amica. Italian, funky, dance, live show,ID email SINPO 25432
7610,00 0108 1906 Atlantic 2000 International. Station ID, pops, Chris Rea, SINPO 34232
7610,00 0608 2004 Radio Amica. Italian notize europee, ID, pops SINPO 24332
7610,00 0708 1520 Radio Amica. Italian Hola hola dxers, ID, funky dance.
(Silveri Gomez/playdx2003)