Monday, August 30, 2010

Shiokaze adds new segment to programming

5910, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata,*1400-1430* (sign-on/sign-off), August 27 (Friday). English. Usual segments of "Today’s News Flash" and “Today’s News on North Korean ssues.” Station IDs as; “This is Shiokaze Sea Breeze from Tokyo, Japan.” Signal poorer than usual due to moderate jamming.

They have added a new segment at 1425 heard as, “this is a message from the Japanese government, the Japanese government will surely bring all the abductees back home.” The government will be broadcasting (every night ?) a program in Japanese and Korean on 900 kHz. This announcement followed by Shiokaze's normal canned sign off announcement. On Wednesday (25th) was in Korean, not the normal English programming.
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA/Cumbre DX)