Monday, August 23, 2010

Radio Bulgaria DX Program

This is Radio Bulgaria’s weekly DX Program for radio amateurs and short wave listeners which is included in our one-hour broadcasts starting as follows: Friday at 21.00 UTC on 5900 and 7400 kHz beamed to West Europe, at 23.00 UTC and Saturday at 02.00 UTC on 9700 and 11700 kHz to North America, as well as in our half-hour broadcast at 06.30 UTC on 9600 and 11600 kHz to West Europe.

In this issue by DX Editor Dimiter Petrov, LZ1AF, with Broadcast Tips by Rumen Pankov:

QRZ DX Reports: The solar flux is hanging in the low 80’s and some activity is reported on the higher bands, up to 10 meters. Remember that just because you don’t hear anyone on those “upper” HF frequencies doesn’t necessarily mean the band is not open. Call a few CQ’s and see what happens!

DX News from the Ham Bands

3B9/IZ4AKS – Rodriguez Island. The Italian radio amateur Giorgio, IZ4AKS will be active from Rodriguez Island in the Indian Ocean as 3B9/IZ4AKS August 28 to September 4. He will operate holiday style on 40 through 10 meters with 100 watts and a vertical antenna near the sea. A few days before and after Rodriguez, he might be on the air from Mauritius as 3B8/IZ4AKS. No QSL route was announced but presumably QSL cards should be sent to his home call via the QSL bureau.

HS – Thailand (E2E). The Thailand radio authority has approved, effective August 11, for all HF bands and all modes the new prefix of E2E. This is a real and legitimate call, sought because it is so short (and to bring glory to the Kingdom of Thailand, and fun for its operators). However, it is not clear whether the HS prefix will remain in force as well. QSLs via HS0AC.

3Y8XSA - Norwegian Antarctica Base. Be careful and don’t confuse this operation with one of the Norwegian Antarctic Islands. Swedish radio amateur Lars, SM4TUV will be working for the Norwegian Polar Institute in Antarctica from November 2010 to December 2011, at their Polar Research Station Troll, on Dronning Maud Land. The QSL route is via SM4TUV – remember he will be there until December 2011.

3D2C - Conway Reef DXpedition Planned. After cancellation of the T31, Kiribati Island DXpedition in the Pacific, the famous DXers YT1AD of Serbia and K3LR of the USA, with friends, are organizing a DXpedition to the small island of Conway Reef in the South Pacific. Initial plans call for the team to arrive in Fiji, September 28, 2011; departing from Denerau September 29 and arriving at Conway Reef on the afternoon of September 30. Activity from Conway Reef will run from October 1 to October 10. Departure from Conway Reef for Nadi October 11 to arrive at Fiji the afternoon of October 12. There is also the possibility of a three day operation from Rotuma. For more details see the website at: .

PJ4, Bonaire – Possibly a New DXCC Entity? Kelly, N0VD has announced a large group going to Bonaire,PJ4 in South America in anticipation of it being a “NEW ONE” October 10, 2010.

On August 14, Radio Netherlands Worldwide reported: “Bonaire referendum postponed again. A referendum on the political future of Bonaire, planned for September 3, has been postponed indefinitely. The decision was taken by the island’s governing council on last Friday. The referendum commission had requested a postponement until October 1, to provide more time to inform the public about the poll.

On October 10, 2010, the Netherlands Antilles, of which Bonaire is the main island in a five-island group off the coast of South America, will be dissolved as a single political entity. The islands of Curacao and Sint Maarten will become independent countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands of Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius will become ‘special councils’ of the Netherlands.

Silent Key, Len Kaufer, KH0AC. Dr. Len Kaufer, KH0AC, became a Silent Key this week in his home on beautiful Saipan. Len, formerly KG6SW, went out to the Trust Territory of Saipan in the 1960’s as a Jesuit priest. He brought his longtime love of Amateur Radio with him, and eventually met an island girl named Connie Tenorio. Connie won out over the priesthood, and they eventually got married after a personal letter from the Pope.


West Sahara Liberation Front POLISARIO Radio has shown up again on short wave and was heard with news in Arabic at 22 hours on 6297 kHz. The program is also broadcast on 700 kHz.

Radio Australia has been received in Sofia recently with strong signals at different times as follows: at 06.30 hours on 9710 and 15160 kHz with one program and on 11945 kHz with another, both in English. At 13.45 hours in English on 9560, 9580 and 9590 kHz, and in Chinese on 9475 and 11660 kHz.

The Christian Radio CVC One Africa was heard with a light music, comments by two DJs – female and male from 20 hours on 9540 kHz from a transmitter located in Lusaka, Zambia.

New Zealand
Radio New Zealand International was received on Friday, August 13 with the Letterbox program, featuring a DX Program, this time discussing the utility radio stations and a review of listeners’ letters from 20.35 to 20.50 hours on 11725 kHz. This program is aired every second week.

Radio Exterior de Espana was heard with a program in English between 19 and 20 hours on 9665 kHz, but there was no signal on the other announced frequency of 11620 kHz. The emission is aired on week days and on weekend from 21 to 22 hours on 9650 kHz.

This has brought us to the end of our weekly DX Program. Your opinions and suggestions will be appreciated and all reception reports confirmed with the QSL card of Radio Bulgaria. Please address your letters to English Section, Radio Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria or by e-mail to An online reception report form is available at - click on English and navigate.
So, 73 and DX!

(Yimber Gaviria, Colombia)