Monday, August 30, 2010

Pirate radio on shortwave

All times UTC *sign-on/sign-off*

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6924, 0159-0209.* The Rolling Stones tune Brown Sugar and You Know What I Mean. Possible ID at 0209 when apparently closed. Signal peaked at fair but very deep fades. (D’Angelo-PA)

6925 AM 14 Aug 2010 0105-0122. Blues show with frequent IDs. (SIO 252, Hunsicker, PA)

Eccentric Shortwave
6930 USB, 0107. Music by the immortal Hank Williams. Other music followed, some modern pop. Station ID "you are listening to the .. shortwave" at 0117. Peter Gabriel's Red Rain at 0118. Occasional brief audio drop-outs and problems in the audio during during this song. 0122, Beatles' Rain. Email contact at 0125, "you are listening to Eccentric Shortwave" at 0127. Good signal and sound, S7. (Will-MD)

Ha Ha Radio
6925 USB, 0115-0152, SINPO 35434. Monologue from a boy DJ, put downs for a science class. Music by Monk. Friend Nick joins to discuss a cartoon ?yoko.. Brother Love . Station ID at sign off , "Ha Ha Radio" with peppy backing music (Ragnar)

6935 USB, 0121, SIO 434. Very strong signal, English is My Language song about the American Revolution. Station ID at 0127, “KUSA North America.” Other patriotic music, station ID, and off at 01:39 (Fansome-central Maine)

MAC Shortwave
6925 USB, 0110, SIO 534. Some noise, sort of a MIDI piano intro, followed by Ultraman announcing the show, and some rock music. Station ID and a dumb jokes at 0115, says he's going back to school and that he'll miss pirate radio. More MIDI-type music (Fansome, PA)

Northwoods Radio
6935 USB, 0210-0248.* Man announcer with IDs and gmail address for reception reports. Seemingly endless closedown routine with announcer mentioning he has been drinking beer and bourbon. Numerous UTC time checks. Said would return tomorrow morning at 1200 or 1300 UTC depending upon when he woke up. Good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

Outhouse Radio
6925 USB, 2145-2158, SINPO 35343. Disco inferno to computerized voice ID. (Ragnar)

Outhouse Radio
6930 USB, 0412-0428+. Music oldies, R&B, rap & rock to some clipped short. Station ID at 0426+ and 0427+. Quick response from operator to email query confirmed Outhouse too. SIO 254. (Frodge-MI)

Radio Free Euphoria
5110 AM, 0303. Immediately after Area 51 on WBCQ went off, an AM signal popped up playing an episode of Radio Free Euphoria with Captain Ganja. Horrible co-channel noise prevents better reception, but distinctive "no pets" and "tony straka" soundbytes heard, as well as the Cheech and Chong song. s3. (Will-MD)

Sycko Radio
6925 USB, 1305-1312, SINPO 25322. Operator said broadcasting on 6925 upper and just wanted to make sure the transmitter still worked. One rock song then off. (Ragnar)

6925 USB, 0148-0315.* Caught Radio Animal with his review of QSL cards, the pennant from Radio USA, during his Pirate Report of November 1995. promotion for A*C*E*, Pirate Pages and the Andrew Yoder's Pirate Radio Directory for 1995 ( which I have a copy) Electronic Barking Dog Alarm for less for $9.98 (0306) and the barking Dog's Jingle Bells Song. Noted at sign-off with WKND - short wave Freedom Radio -ID, BRS QSL Address, 'Fight for Flea radio' motto, barking dogs trilogy ..and finally 'we are pure canine dog..WKND (please qsl) SIO 353. (Edward Kusalik, ALberta, Canada)

From Outhouse Radio, 6930 USB. Received a reply to my report of his test run of the new ICOM 718. The operator sent a photo of the transceiver and the test run first broadcast. Report sent to . Along with the QSL reply, a MP3 audio clip of the sign-off song: Soulful Strut by Young Holt Unlimited included. Special thanks to Outhouse for the privilege of being able to hear this test broadcast of the new rig and for the audio clip. (Edward Kusalik-Alberta, Canada)
(excerpts from FRW # 758 Bill Finn & #759 via Ragnar Daneskjold)

Euro Pirates log
All times UTC
3905,00 1008 2035 Radio Northcoast. English pops, jingle, rock, ID, email, SINPO 24322
3905,00 1108 2150 Radio Baken 16. Spanish stroll, Petshop boys, pops SINPO 24232
3905,00 1408 2005 Henk Skyline International Radio. Station ID, pops, ballad, pop, rock SINPO 34322
3910,00 0908 2100 Radio Northcoast, Dance music and talks, SINPO 24222
3932,00 0908 2108 Radio Jan van Gent. Dutch music ballads, SINPO 24211
6220,00 0908 1703 Mystery Radio. English disco dance, jingle ID SINPO 35443
6220,00 1408 2006 Mystery Radio. English ID, music from Cat Stevens, pops, funky tunes. SINPO 34333
6301,00 1108 1600 unid, D, ballad, rock 24332
6301,00 1208 1655 Radio Boomerang. Pop dance music, SINPO 34333
6301,00 1208 1704 Mustang Radio. Boney M to station ID. SINPO 34333
6301,00 1308 1728 Mustang Radio. Music of banjo and polka to talks. Bye bye closing down at 1731. SINPO 33333
6305,00 0908 1705 Radio Merlin International. Music pops and ballads to ID. SINPO 24232
6305,00 1208 1709 Radio Weerklak? German schlger music to ID and comments. SINPO 24222 6305,00 1308 1732 Radio Black Power. German dance music to pops tunes. SINPO 34343
6305,00 1408 1540 Marconi Radio. Disco dance, pops, and rock to jingle. Dj's "hello everybody." Program closing down at 1646. SINPO 34333
6306,00 1408 1738 Marconi R, D,E, country rock, ID, testing, bye bye, closing down at 1751 35443
6310,00 1308 1840 unid, pop funky SINPO 34333
6310,00 1408 2155 Radio Black Bandit. English talks, ID, and rock to ballads. SINPO 24222
6310,00 1508 1510 Radio Malaysi. English pops and dance music. DJ spots to jingle. SINPO 24232
6313,00 1308 2010 Oldtimer Radio. German pops, ballads to Petshop Boys. SINPO 24222
6325,00 1008 1720 Radio Black Bandit. Pops and German polka schlger. SINPO 24222
6375,00 1208 1725 Radio Redymix ? German pops to schlager tunbes and ballads. SINPO 24232
6420,00 1408 1615 Radio Alice. German polka to ID. Talks, banjo, closing down at 1623. SINPO 24332
6912,00 1008 2020 Cactus Jack Radio. Music ballad, Roxette, jingle ID, and Phil Collins music. Noted on USB, SINPO 24222
6912,00 1108 1850 Cactus Jack Radio. English pop dance tune to jingle ID. Item on Flu A campaign. Noted on USB. SINPO 35443
6925,00 0908 1950 Spider Radio. English ballads and music from The Police. Noted on USB. SINPO 24222
6925,00 1208 1955 Spider Radio. Music ballad, noted on USB, SINPO 24311
6925,00 1308 1950 Spider Radio. Musical ballad to station ID and film soundtrack. Noted on USB, SINPO 24222
6925,00 1508 1945 Spider R, E, pops ABBA, ballad, on USB 24211
7610,00 1308 2000 Radio Amica. Italian station ID and email, DJ asking for reports. Pop dance and ballads from live DJ. SINPO 34232
7610,00 1408 1525 Radio Amica. Italian. Pop dance tunes to staiton ID. SINPO 24332
7610,00 1508 0615 Radio Amica, Italian. Pop dance tunes to ID and email. DJ asking for reports. SINPO 24332
(Silveri Gomez/playdx2003)