Friday, February 04, 2011

Additional news on The Cross

Listener's contnue to log Micronesia's The Cross radio station from Pohnpei. Thanks to all of those that have sent me additional loggings and station information. The following was released today.
Gayle VH


Contact info:

PMA Guam

P.O. Box 96932

Hagatna, Guam


Religious broadcaster, The Cross, from Pohnpei, on 4755, is now running 24-hrs, simulcasting the FM service on 88.5 Here in Melbourne, really good signals from as early as 0700, right through our night to fade-out at around 1935.

The shortwave facility has recently been reactivated and upgraded with the commissioning of a new antenna and feeder.

Looking at postings in hobby news groups worldwide, reception has been widely reported in the Americas in the span from around 0605 to 1300, even on the East Coast!

I'd be interested in knowing the overall span of reception at your location, especially in Europe and Asia.

Pohnpei is relatively close to northern Australia, sitting in the UTC+11 time zone, not far from Papua New Guinea.

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

4755.45, PMA The Cross Radio (Pohnpei), 0710-0736, 2/2/2011, English. Apparent syndicated religious program with talk by a man. Request for donations at 0720 along with an unintelligible web site. Joined by a woman at 0721 with info about their ministry and request for funds. Contemporary religious vocal music 0724 to 0736 tune out. Weak signal with fading and increasing local noise made program content extremely difficult to understand. Heard on my PNG/South Pacific oriented wire. At the same time also heard weak audio on SIBC's 5019.9 carrier. (Jim Evans, TN)

Hi Gayle,
Thanks for getting the word out about the reactivation of the Cross Radio. Sent this log thru to Cumbre, but not posted there yet, so thought I would send this on to you directly. Nice that this station now makes it over to the east coast.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ron Howard

4755.44, The Cross Radio. Randomly from 1313 to tune out at 1502, Feb 3. Non-stop contemporary Christian songs (soul, pop, ballads, etc.) in English. IDs (local time checks, frequencies [both FM and SW] and often given by young girls [Angel, Tanya, etc.]) IDs given near top and bottom-of-the hour, but seems their clock is off by 1-2 minutes. contains audio of various IDs heard today (the best one is the last one). Reception much better than yesterday. Nice to see this making it over to the east coast. If only 1 KW, then the antenna they have been working on for some years now is really fabulous! (Ron Howard, CA)