Wednesday, February 16, 2011

QSL Report Central

The following QSLs, were omitted from an upcoming QSL Report column in Monitoring Times, due to space constraints. Thank you to all who have contributed.
Gayle VH

Radio Tirana, 7425 kHza. Partial data QSL card, unsigned. Pennant and extra colorful postcard enclosed. Received 40 days for an English report. (Rod Pearson, FL).

Amateur Radio
Germany-DH1TW, 20 meters SSB. Full data color card of antenna array at sunset for the COntest Station. Received in 14 months via ARRL. (Van Horn, NC).

Nicaragua-YN9HAU, 24 MHz SSB. Full data card color card of antenna array for DFOCG. received in 14 months via ARRL. (van Horn, NC).

Norway-LA9VDA, 17 meters USB. Full data color card. Received in two years and three months via ARRL. (Van Horn, NC)

Switzerland-KH5H/HB9H, 21/28 MHz SSB. Full data autumn scenery card of the mountains, signed by QSL Manager-Luigi Casari. Received in six years via ARRL. (Van Horn, NC)

Voice of Russia relay via Yerevan, 1377 kHz AM. Full data card with transmitter site notation. Received in five weeks for email repor tto (Artur Fernandez Llorella, Spain)

ABC/Radio Australia relay via United Arab Emirates, 17880 kHz. Full data QSL received in 31 days. Station website: (Dario Monferini, Italy)

HCJB Global Australia, 15400 kHz. Full data card of Barramundi fish. Noted live in both salt and fresh water and crocodiles love to eat them. They also change sex from male to female when they reach over 85cm. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

Radio Symban, 2368.5 kHz. Back in 2010, sent a CD Mp3/postal report to Radio Symban with recording of my reception report. Hearing nothing after several months sent an email follow-up. Received a reply from Tom Tsamouras that due to change in the staff, my report was over looked. He apologized for the delay. Better than nothing so far. (Ed Kusalik, Canada)

China Radio International, 11650 kHz. Full data card of The Great Family of the Chinese Nation-Miao ethnical minority group. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

Radio Dabanga via Wertchtal, Germany, 13730 kHz. Full data verification with site notation. Card of Canal in Dieman scenery from Radio Netherlands. (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Czech Republic
Radio Prague, 5930 kHz. Full data QSL card in 14 days for report sent to Website: (Dario Monferini, Italy)

French Guiana
WYFR/Family Radio, 7360 kHz. Full data 50th Anniversary card, unsiged with site notation as Montinsery. Received after follow-up letter in 54 days. (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Radio Taiwan International relay via Montsinery, 9840 kHz. Full data QSL card, unsigned. Received in 119 days for direct report to Taiwan and CD Mp3. (Luca Botto Fiora/playdx)

Radio 700, 6005 kHz. (1 kW) Full data card of Spanish tourist scene. Received in 80 days for English report and $ 2.00 US for return postage.(Al Muick, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan).

Evangeliums Rundfunk, 1539 kHz AM (700 kW!). Full data Mainflingen antenna card. Received in 54 days for English report and $ 5.00 US for return postage. Card signed Juergen Werth and Lothar Ruehl. (Al Muick, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan).

All India Radio-Banglaore, 17705 kHz. Full data card of Kandariya-Mahadev and Jagadambi Temple, Khajuraho. Verified by Director-Spectrum & Management and Synergy. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

Radio 101, 101.0 FM. Full data QSL card in seven days for report posted at (Christian Chibaudo, France/playdx)

NHK World Radio Japan, 6115 kHz. Full data Acrobatic Display card. Received for report on Hidi service. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

Bible Voice BN/China One broadcast via Alma Ata. Received two full data card with site notation, unsigned. Received in 20 days for a postal report. (Ed Kusalik, Canada).

Radio Netherlands relay, 11665 kHz. Full data card, A Dutch Morning, unsigned. Received in 65 days for an English report. (Rod Pearson, FL).

Radio Ronin Shortwave, 6924.8 kHz. Full data Defending the shores of Free Radio from Invading Armies card. Received for e-report to . (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Voice of Russia, 6070 kHz. Full data color VO Russia 80 Years card. Received for report from Hindi service. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

South Korea
KBS World Radio, 7275 kHz. Full data Mt. Jiri card. Received for an English report. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

China Radio International relay via Noblejas, 9690 kHz. Full data card, The Great Family of the Chinese Nationa-Bai Ethnic Minority Group. Also personal note enclosed with station souvenirs and CRI's magazine The Messenger enclosed. Received in 46 days for an English. (Rod Pearson, FL).

WYFR/Family Radio, 6240/9280 kHz. Two full-data 50th Anniversary cards for Chinese broadcast via Bao-zhong transmitter. Large packet of religious material and decals, received in 84 days. (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Voice of Turkey, 11985 kHz. Full data card of a mountaineering training camp in Mount Kackar. Received for report on the Urdu service. (Mukesh Kumar, India)

United Kingdom
IBRA Radio (Radio Ibrahim Service in Arabic and Fur language, 12070 kHz. Transmitter via Wofferton. Full data verification with site notation in email verification from Maria Lavender. Received in 55 days. This in response to an email report to IBRA (Ed Kusali, Canada)

Radio Free Asia, 15220 kHz. Full data 13th Anniversary card via IBB Tinian. Design was created by children of RFA personnel. Report details to (Mukesh Kumar, India)

IBB-Voice of America's Hello Durfus broadcast via Wertachtal, Germany.After sending a postal report, received an email verification from Walter Brodowsky. (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

WYFR, 11855 kHz. Full data WYFR card. Received in 125 days for a Spanish report to (Rafael Rodriquez/playdx)