Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CBC/Radio Canada outlines strategy for the future

CBC/Radio-Canada yesterday outlined its strategy for the future. Over the next five years, CBC/Radio-Canada will strengthen its commitment to original, innovative, high-quality Canadian content. It will also commit to airing at least 10 signature events per year in English and in French.

CBC will be looking to expand its regional footprint, launching new radio stations, introducing new local websites and services, and increasing regional news and programming. Radio-Canada will enhance its presence in regional life by producing engaging local programming that can then be used for broadcast nationally, by delivering more local and regional news, and by providing more local French-language content on regional websites, especially those outside of Quebec.

And, in an evolving digital and on-demand world, CBC/Radio-Canada will continue its leadership in new platforms and digital services, doubling its investment over the next five years. To evaluate progress, CBC/Radio-Canada has developed metrics to track and assess its performance by service and genre against the strategy twice a year.

(Source: CBC/Radio-Canada/R Netherlands Media Network)