Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Cross Radio reported on shortwave again

4755.45, The Cross. Randomly from 1317 to tune out at 1644 UTC. Feb 2. Non-stop contemporary Christian songs in English, except for IDs also in English; poor to fair.

1330 – young girl: “Hi. My name is .. I listen to the Cross Radio”

1431 - young girl: "Hi. This is . . (gives name). The world is tuned
to ... the Cross Radio. You will like it"

1558 – young girl: “This is . . . on 88.5 FM”

1602 – man: “This is the Cross Radio. Please stay with us. We will be back in a minute” (open carrier for about a minute, then continued with their religious songs).
Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4755.45, PMA "The Cross Radio", 1152-1325, Feb. 2. Programming consisted mostly of ballads, with occasional announcements by very professional sounding male announcer. I suspect this may have been a syndicated Christian music program. Caught their ID just before the top-of-the hour by a young sounding female, "You are listening to the Cross Radio." Despite freezing rain at the time, this is the strongest I have heard them, and I was surprised that they were still audible as late as 1325 UTC, although the peak in reception was around 1200. Thanks for the tip on the Kageyama BCL bulletin board: SINPO 24222. (Maroti-NY)

My earlier post (Jan 31) New changes from the Pacific reported on shortwave covered the original news. Pleased to see Ron has heard this station as well.

Jan 31, 2011 post
A report by a Japanese listener in a newsgroup advised that the religious broadcaster "Cross Radio Pohnpei" is again being heard on shortwave, using 4755. and observed on Jan 29 from 0946 until signoff at 0934. Pohnpei is one of four States in the Pacific, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, administer by the USA. The broadcaster had commenced shortwave broadcasts some time ago but had not been heard until now.