Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pirate Blog Logs

All times UTC *sign-on / sign-off*

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6925, 2153-2202.* Blues songs with man announcer giving ID and e-mail address at 2158. Signal fair to good. (Rich D’Angelo-PA/FRW # 783)

Childless Radio
6925USB, 2120. SINPO 35333. Child's voice giving ID as “Childish Radio,” to kid laughing. Rock music. (Ragnar/FRW # 782)

Coronal Mass Ejection
6900.4, 2053-2059.+ Top-40 hard rock to ID at 2054+ and 2059. SIO=3+53 (Frodge-MI/FRW # 783)

Liquid Radio
6900, 0353. Nice punching AM signal, wide enough to tune up to 6902 to avoid splatter from the satanists on 6890 and enjoy the music. Station ID at 0405. Excellent signal, somewhat noisy conditions. (Will-MD/FRW # 783)

Punxsutawney Pothead Radio
6930USB, 2346-0021.* Smell of Death, parody Addicted to Spuds and Hazy Days of Summer. Groundhog Day song, skit about NASA and Alabama, Daytripper. IDs by male/female and child. Music clear and sharp, but announcers a bit muddled. Some SS sideband interference. SIO 333, S-8 over S-3 noise. (Hunsicker, PA/FRW # 782)

Radio Ronin Shortwave
6925, 2347.+ Very noisy conditions. Gospel and blues to station ID 2348. Tunes - What Becomes of a Broken Hearted and Stop In the Name of Love. SIO=323 (Al Fansome-PA/FRW 783)

Renegade Radio
6930USB, 2252-2302.+ Station ID and non-Top-40 rock. SIO=4+34 with local buzz interference. Station ID at 2301 and signal dropped way down to barely audible. Slightly above 6930 (Harold Frodge, MI/Cumbre DX)

Snowball Radio
6925USB, 2012-2022:37.* Western tunes Ghost Riders in the Sky and Cool Water. JFK speech excerpt at 2018. Star Trek parody comedy skit (Space Balls?) at 2020. Many IDs, QSL via Off abruptly. SIO=343+ with brief utility buzz. (Frodge-MI)

Voice of the Cat
6925 USB, 0015. 0015+. Stray Cat Strut and Mission Impossible theme. Station ID at 00:14 as 6YCAT, "Voice of the Cat." Reggae Fever. SIO=444 (Al Fansome-PA/FRW # 783)

6900.4, 2324-2335.+ Long pop tune (aka DJ bathroom break music). STation ID to music at 2334. SIO=343. Signal (Harold Frodge-MI/FRW # 782)

6900, 1942-2002. Al Fansome Memorial Radio Show. Music tunes Don't Fear the Reaper, and a repeated advertisement for a combination pizza and funeral parlor. Conditions were lousy and
the signal was mostly unusable. (Hunsicker, PA/781)

Wolverine Radio
6925USB, 0126.+ A bit of static now and then. Tunes - Traveling Riverside Blues and Down By the Riverside. Station ID at 0128. Song, Too Many Rivers. SIO=434 (Al Fanome, PA/FRW 783)