Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Logs

All times UTC / // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

4750, 1157-1206, Bangladesh Betar Shavar. English service with Hindi ballad at tune-in, lady announcer at 1159 followed by 4+1 pips and male announcer with news, talk and musical bits at 1206. Signal poor in ECCS-USB, only able to make out the occasional word or two. (Scott Barbour-NH)

4700, 1013, Radio San Miguel Riberalta, 1013. Spanish for male announcer w easy listening music to, "buenas dias.." and talk with different male via a remote. Strong, clean signal. (Scott Barbour-NH)

5939.85, 0440-0525, Radio Voz Missionária. Portuguese religious talk and musical ballads. Ads. Weak signal with adjacent channel splatter. Better on // 9665.10 - weak but readable. (Brian Alexaner, PA)

4885, 0650-0715, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém. Brazilian songs and comments by male, program "Clube da Madrugada". SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

5940, Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, 0703-0710, 11-02, Portuguese. Male's religious comments. 14321. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

9565, 0640-0655, Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba. Portuguese text for announcer's religious comments. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

9654.4, 0905-0912, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo. Portuguese announcer with news and comments. SINPO 14321. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

9675, 0915-0923, Radio Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista. Religious comments in Portuguese by male. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

9695.8, 1015-1025, Radio Rio Mar, Manus. Male announcer's Portuguese news and comments. Relays program news: "Jornal Primeira Hora" from Radio Bandeirantes. SINPO 23432. Also *1000-1007, 11-02, signing on at 1000: "6 horas en Manaus, Radio
Rio Mar", male, comments and advertisements. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

11735, 0945-0955, Radio Transmundial. Male announcer with religious comments in Portuguese. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

11780, 1005-1012, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia. Announcer's Portuguese news an comments. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

11815, 0924-0925, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania. Male's Portuguese text for news program: "O Mundo Em Sua Casa", with world and Brazilian news, and sports. Station Identification as: "Radio Brasil Central, Goiania".SINPO 34433. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

11925, 0938-0950, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo. Portuguese news program: "Jornal Primeira Hora", followed by news and comments from Brazil and the World. Station identification as, "Radio Bandeirantes." SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

15190, 0910-0933, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte. Announcer's news in Portuguese, followed by, "7 horas 12 minutos, Jornal Integraçao", "Estamos a
presentar Jornal Integraçao, cultura, cidadania, Jornal Integraçao".(Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

4885, 0935, Radio Clube do Para. Best signal in the band, booming in at 0935 with male announcer in Portuguese giving ID ("Radio Clube do Para, muito bom dia! . . . na faixa de 60 metros . . ." and frequency quote over musical backdrop. Same day, at 0940 on 4915 Anhanguera presumed, male announcer's Portuguese talk and music, but lower signal. Also an unid Brazilian on 4865 at 1015. (Ralph Perry, Illinois/playdx)

4965, 0954-1005, Radio Alvorada Parintins. Portuguese service. Malke announcer with talk at tune-in, into ad string. Station ID announcement at 1000, talk by various announcers. Signal poor and rapidly deteriorating after 1000. (Scott Barbour-NH)

5055, 0738-0802, presumed R. Difusora Caceres. Unid. language. Lite vocal music and a bit of talk. Signal very weak in ECCS-USB under band noise, though perhaps Vanuatu on reactivated frequency. Skeptical once heard again at 0509, also very weak on-line query recieved replies from W. Salminaw, V. Goonetilleke & M. Ritola that what they were hearing was Brazillian. (Scott Barbour-NH)

6165, *0427-0440, RNT, *0427-0440. Sign on with Balafon interval signal. National anthem at 0429. French announcements at 0430 and into Afro-pop music. Poor. Weak with co-channel interference. (Brian Alexander-PA) Heard also 6165, 2220-2231:40.* French talk to Afro-pop music. Sign off with national anthem. Weak. Poor signal with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander-PA)

6165, 2150-2215, Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne, N'djamena. Good signal for pleasant African rhythms to 2200 news and commentary show in French, with remote feeds by lady and others. Gone at 2245 recheck. Slated to s/off daily 2230* except weekends when it runs to 2300*. (Ralph Perry, Illinois/playdx)

6030, 1305, China National Radio 1. Fine signal, with what sounded a lot like a Lion Dance performance with clanging symbols, drumming. Into local folk music by small band with local kazoo-like horns, drumming, etc. Seemed live performance. Wonderful listening, nice to play inthe background while typing, etc. (Ralph Perry, Illinois/playdx)

6035, 1400, PBS Yunnan/Voice of Shangri-La. Conditions poorer today, but still able to make out “this is the Voice of Shangri-La” and tentatively followed by the usual “brought to you by Yunnan Radio." (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4920.031, 1140-1200, People's Broadcasting Station, Xizang. Noted ordinary Chinese music at tune in. The music is continuous during the period as the signal stays at a poor level. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

17725, 1700-1715.* Radio Y’ Abaganda. Station sign on with local choral music. Talk at 1704 in local language with mentions of Baganda and Uganda. Abrupt sign off. Sat only. Good signal but began mixing with an unidentified station at 1714 at equal level with lite instrumental music and Afro-pop music past 1730.(Brian Alexander, PA)

6205 1211-1300* Radio Free Sarawak. Very good signal with usual Bahasa Malaysia phone talk(s). Musical interlude at 1221, close-down routine at 1254, with several ID's accompanied by theme music on string instrument. Ended with male announcer saying "bye-bye". (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

5985 1425-1430* Shiokaze. Caught last few minutes of usual Friday English program. Very strong today, S9+25 dB. Back on 5985 again, ex-5910. Clobbered Myanmar on 5985.88, which was largely unreadable anyway beneath local band noise. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

5910, 0701-0820, Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras. Latin American songs to male announcer's religious comments in Spanish. Station identification: "Alcarán Radio". SINPO 24322.(Manuel Méndez/Colombia)

4814.98, 1050-1110, Radio El Buen Pastor. Decent signal and in the clear (utility missing) but noisy. Upbeat nondescript music to 1052 when quick theme burst and male on top, "Radio El Buen Pastor, nuestro programa esta manana . . ." time check and frequewncy quote. Into what sounded like brief religious talk, mentioning "El Senor . . . Dios . . ." and then middle-of-the road music at 1102 with another ID over. (Ralph Perry, Illinois/playdx)

9705, 2010-2100, Radio Ethiopia. Local style of Horn of Africa music. Amharic talk. Sign off with national anthem at 2059. Fair. Weak interference from a weak Niger 9704.99. (Brian Alexander,PA)

9345, 1503-1509, Trans World Radio (Agana). Chinese. Woman with apparent religious talk followed by slow, contemporary religious music. Weak but steady signal. (Jim Evan, TN)

13362USB, 2225-2235, American Forces/AFRTS (Barrigada). English with male/female announcer's NPR programming. News at 2230. Poor signal with strong interference from Argentine feeder on 13.363.55 (LSB). Stronger parallels noted from Saddlebunch Key (5446.5, 7811, 12133.5). (Jim Evans, TN)

7125, 0740-0758, Radio Guineé. Afro-pop music to French and vernacular talk. French announcements with “Ici Conakry” identification ID at 0752. Gone at 0814 check. Good signal.(Brian Alexander-PA)

7125, R0705-0725, Radio Guineé, Conakry. Male/female announcers with news and comments in French about Guinea to African music. SINPO 24322. Also 0710-0740, African songs and comments in French by male announcer.SINPO 34333. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

5010, 1250-1255, All India Radio-Thiruvananthapuram (Chennai). Talk in Hindi by man. Poor signal with minimal fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

6155, Bangalore. Noting this 2/10 and 2/11 with good signal and in the clear, early local evenings. A bit unusual to hear the subcontinent in Illinois at this time, although a darkness short path exists. On 2/11, frequency clear when carrier switched on 0012 and 0015 female abruptly speaking. Believe this is the Urdu domestic service, 0015.30, chanting by male, sound like Islamic call to prayer (interesting to hear this on an India transmitter, but a reminder that about 15% of Bangalore population is indeed Muslim). Male announcer at 0021 in Urdu and then into subcontinental music. Female singer with subcontinental combo featuring sitar, tabla, etc. Segued to 0029 time-out. Same pattern programming heard prior day, when noting call to prayer already in progress at 0018, the 0021 announcement and then into Hindi music. Nice signal and just a lot of fun to hear this. Armchair level signal at the top of fade-ins. (Ralph Perry, Illinois/playdx).

4970, A1503-1512, AIR Shillong. English service with DJ's “Golden Classics” show. Played pop songs (Chuck Berry with “Roll Over Beethoven”, etc.), 1511 local ID, 1512 switched over to the audio feed from Delhi (chime/tone into Hindi with ads). Almost fair, but still noticeable hum.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

5010.3, Radio Madagasikara/ Radio Nationale Malgache, Antananarivo coming thru nicely. Already in progress at tune-in 0300 with fair-good power, lite fades and moderate static, 100 kWs listed and sounded like it! Pleasant, melodic African choral chanting/pop accompanied by local ensemble, heavy on rhythm and bass. Segued similar songs thru to 0330, when signal severely faded. Seemed newscast by male caught in fragments at bottom of the hour. Unable to raise a streaming broadcast to get a parallel, but did find their website: At same time, a decent signal on 4976 which I believe was Kampala also coming thru. (Ralph Perry, Illinois/playdx)

5995, *0555-0615, ORTM. Sign on with guitar interval signal. National anthem at 0558 Flute interval signal at 0559 and opening French ID announcements. Local rustic music at 0600. Weak but readable. (Brian Alexander-PA)Additional log: 9635, *0759-0830. Sign on with flute interval signal and opening French ID announcements. Vernacular talk at 0800. Rustic tribal music. Weak with low modulation but improved in strength by 0825. (Brian Alexander-PA)

5995, 0708-0720, Radio Malieene Bamako. French. Male announcer with talk, joined by another male via remote. Musical bridge at 0717 and talk resumes. Signal fair in ECCS-USB. (Scott Barbour-NH)

6010, 0722-0734, Radio Mil Mexico City. Spanish. Easy-listening music and brief vocal music. Brief announcer between selections. Station IDs - short ad string at 07323. Signal poor and wobbly signal in ECCS-LSB. (Scott Barbour-NH)

5985.83, 1331-1451* Myanma Radio via Yangon. In vernacular, Shiokaze (5985.0) interference 1400-1430, 1442-1443 had the regular anti-VOA, BBC, RFA and DVB slogan. Seems the switch over at transmitter sites does not happen at exactly the same time every day.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

5985.0, * 1451, Myanma Radio via Naypyidaw. Much better reception than via Yangon. Indigenous music and singing. Wonder why they need to switch sites like this? (ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

9690, 0903-0930, Voice of Nigeria. Tune-in to English news. ID. Program about the history of the Nigerian slave market. Fair to good strenght but audio a little muffled. (Brian Alexander-PA)

Sri Lanka
11905, * 1530-1550, Radio Sri Lanka-Radio Ceylon. Opening English “Radio Sri Lanka” ID announcements and announcement as “this is Radio Ceylon calling out to India”. English news at 1531. Local music at 1533. English and Hindi talk. Some US oldies pop music. Signal Poor, mixing with Polish Radio. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7275, 0445-0506, RTV Tunisienne Sfax. Arabic. Kor'an recitations to male announcer at 0457 into Arabic music. Station ID at 0501, presumed news headlines. Music at 0503(Scott Barbour, NH)

9655, 1508-1513, KNLS (Anchor Point). English. Religious talk by man and woman. Weak signal with minor fading. Co-channel Romania in Arabic stayed on top through the period monitored. (Jim Evans, TN)

3945, 0933-0950. Presumed Radio Vanuatu Port Vila, 0933-0950. Vernacular. Male/female announcers and occasional vocal music. Definitley AM mode and not usual amateur radio splatter via the perpetual ham net on 3947L which has been on every day I've checked since late 2009, too good to last as ham's started warming up the txmitters at 0948. Signal very poor/weak. (Scott Barbour-NH)

4828, 0406-0430, ZBC (Gweru). News in English by a man with an African accent. A few seconds of local pop music at 0408, then an interview with a second man. Flat audio made the subject difficult to understand. Moderate signal strength at tune-in, declining over time, with CODAR interference. Fading down into the noise much of the time by 0430. (Jim Evans, TN)