Friday, February 25, 2011

IRRS updates their testing schedule

Hi There,

Following my email yesterday, I apologize but due to technical problems we had to cancel all tests on 5775 kHz at the very last moment.

In the meantime we are announcing these additional tests:

Feb 28, 2011 from 0930-1230 UTC on 9510 kHz to Europe
Feb 26, 2011 from 1800-2000 UTC on 9435 kHz to Europe
Feb 27, 2011 from 1800-2000 UTC on 9435 kHz to Europe

We will appreciate your reception reports for all of our tests by email at reports at

Our regular broadcasts continue also on AM/Medium Wave daily on 1368 kHz in North/Eastern Italy (covering Padua, Venice, Vicenza, Verona and Bologna) and on 1566 in Rome, daily from 20:00-01:00 Central European Time. (in Vicenza we have a large US military base, and we know that we have many listeners there). These times may be extended later on.

We received several reports from 1368 kHz from Italy and outside of Italy. Our sincere thanks to all who tuned in, and wrote us. All will be getting a personal reply soon, please bear with us while we are very busy in setting up and verifying coverage for all tests.

Some of you asked about TX location, however: it is our policy that while we always make public the target area(s), the exact transmitter location(s) may change over time, and always remains strictly confidential.

Thank you again, and stay tuned.
(Alokesh Gupta)