Monday, February 28, 2011

Amateur radio special event calendar

Today's special events calendar is a sampling of upcoming events on amateur radio from March 1.

March 1-4
5V, Togo. Franco, I1FQH, is once again active as 5V7DX from Kpalime Village in central Togo until March 4th. Activity will will be on 20-10 meters using a piderbeam and on 40-30 meters using a homebrew vertical. His rig will be an ICOM 7000 w/KL500 solid state amplifier. He was heard this past weekend very active on 30 meters CW. QSL via LoTW (preferred) or via his home callsign, direct (w/SASE) or by the Bureau. The log will be available here (porbably after his return) at: Franco has pictures and video on his YouTube channel from his last visit and probably will put more on there after his return home at: (Ohio/Penn)

March 1-5
8P - BARBADOS, NA-021 Nathan,KA1YMX, will spend his holidays on Barbados (NA-021) between Feb 26 and Mar 5. He has a K2 radio and wants to work in SSB and CW. More information including his callsign is not know yet. QSL cards should be sent only direct via his homecall.

March 1 -5
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Operators Phil G3SWH and Jim G3RTE will be active from West Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands between February 22nd and March 5th

March 1-6
7 - Jan, DL7JAN will be active as J79AN from Dominica from 23 February to 6 March. He plans to operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 40-10 metres (possibly on 80m as well), with a focus on Asia. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]

March 1-7
6W - Senegal, Luc,F5RAV, will be back again in Senegal reactivating his call 6V7T from Feb 26 until Mar 7. He also plans to take part in the upcoming French HF Championship Contest (SSB) and the ARRL DX SSB Contest. QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct.(

March 1-8
VP2M - Montserrat, NA-103 Philip,WA1ZAM, will stay on the volcanic island Montserrat (NA-103) from Mar 1-8. A callsign is not known yet but he wants to work on all HF bands and in the ARRL DX SSB Contest. QSL via homecall.

March 1-8
KG4 - Look for KG4AS (QSL via N4SIA), KG4KL (QSL via KN4KL), KG4SS (QSL via K4MIL) and KG4WV (QSL via W4WV) to be active on all bands and modes from Guantanamo Bay from 22 February to 8 March. [TNX The Daily DX]

March 1-15
SV9 - Willi, DJ7RJ will be active again as SV9/DJ7RJ from Crete between 24 February and 15 March. He will operate CW and SSB on 160-6 metres, with a focus on the low bands. QSL via home call. [TNX DX World]

March 1 - 17
T30 - Western Kiribati, OC-017 Jacek,SP5EAQ, and Jacek,SP5DRH, are planning an activity as T30AQ and T30RH from Tarawa (OC-017) from Mar 1-17. They will work in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m-10m. Jacek,SP5DRH, will focus on the 160m band, 80m and 30m in RTTY. Jacek,SP5EAQ, is a SSB operator and will take care of the other bands. They will use two Elecraft K3 transceivers each with a 600 watts amplifier, Spiderbeams in a height of 18m and a GP5 antenna. Their pilot station will be Rys,SP5EWY. QSLs via their homecalls. More information can be found on:

March 1-19
PJ7 - Look for Bil, PJ7/W8EB to be active from Sint Maarten from 21 February through 19 March. He will operate holiday style mainly digital modes, and will participate in the ARRL DX SSB Contest as PJ7B. QSL via W8EB. [TNX NG3K]

March 1-20
9G - Ghana. Rob,PA3DEW, and Vincent,PA3FQX, are going to work again for the "Dorma Ahenkro Hospital" from Mar 1-20. During this time they will be active as 9G1AA mostly in SSB on 20m and 15m. QSL via PA3ERA.

March 1-23
V5 - Klaus, DJ4SO will be active as V5/DJ4SO from Namibia between 22 February and 23 March. He will operate on 160-10 metres mostly CW and RTTY/PSK31, with some possible SSB. QSL via home call (direct or bureau) and LoTW. E-mail requests for bureau cards can be sent to [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

March 1-28
J7 - Lars, SM0CCM will be active as J73CCM from Dominica (NA-101) from 21 February to 28 March. He will operate holiday style mainly CW, with some RTTY and SSB. He might also be QRV as J70SWD from the Carib Indian Territory for a few days. QSL via home call (bureau preferred) and LoTW. On 14-28 March he will be joined by Stig, SM3PHM, who will be active as J79M. He will operate mainly CW, with a focus on 160 metres. QSL via home call (bureau preferred) and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX & NG3K]

March 1-Sept 30
IO4, Italy, (Special Event). Look for special event station IO4UI to be active between March 1st and September 30th. Activity is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. All of QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the Bureau. More details are available on QSL via I4JEE. (Ohio/Penn DX)

March 7-11
A planned short operation by me, John/9M6XRO, as ZL/GD3OOK from Waiheke Island OC-201 between March 7th to 11th using a linear and wire ants. QSL via M0URX (see ) and LoTW. (John/(9M6XRO)

March 10-14
VK - Craig, VK4LDX will be active as VK4LDX/p from Horn Island (OC-138) on 10-14 March. He will operate SSB, PSK31 and RTTY on 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. "I'll be on the bands as much as possible, probably 18 hours per day", he says. He also plans to update his blog ( on a daily basis while on the island, "to let people know what the band openings are likely to be and where to find me". QSL via home call, direct or bureau. VP9 - Mark, AA1AC will be active as VP9/AA1AC from Hamilton Parish, Bermuda (NA-005) on 7-12 March. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX AA1AC]

March 11-20
JA - Take, JI3DST will be active as JI3DST/JI6 from Kuchino-shima, Tokara Islands (AS-049) on 11-20 March. He plans to operate SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31 from two different locations on the island. Indicatively, between 23 and 6 UTC he will be QRV on 40-6 metres with an emphasis on 20, 17 and 15 metres; between 8 and 22 UTC he will add 160 and 80 metres. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX JI3DST and JR3TVH]

March 14-21
CN, Morocco. Mathieu, MJ0ASP, is returning to Marrakech between March 14-21st, and will be active as CN2MR. Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW. However, he will focus on the 30/17/12 meter bands. QSL via MJ0ASP and LoTW. (Ohio/Penn DX)

March 26-27
Taiwan special event station. Members of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Centenary Foundation will be activating special event station BV100 during the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 26-27th) from Shaio-Liu-Chiu Island (BV9, AS-155) as a Multi-? entry (DXNL 1716/Pete's DX Newsletter 1023)