Thursday, October 09, 2014

Blog Logs

A sampling from recent shortwave monitoring.

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

15450-Reach Beyond (former HCJB Global), 1501-1530. Religious programming at tune-in, covering building your spiritual grace and Bible scriptures quoted. Program ID at 1510 as Hope for the Heart with Jane Hunt. CD and book offers with addresses, email and phone numbers. Additional programming segments to Christian praise music at 1526. "Reach Beyond" identification at 1529, with station information and frequency. Sign-off at 1530. (Gayle Van Horn W4GVH/NC)

11730, nominal from 1400-1600 in Russian. Terrible signal for performance from Minsk-Kalodzicy in Belarussia. Signal noted with distorted audio on two accompanied noise scratching, symmetrically on 11750-11761 and 11698-11712 kHz, around 1450 UTC. (W Bueschel, Germany/wwdxc BC-DX Top Nx)

6034.95      BHUTAN   BBS   Pop music as soon as R. Marti went off 1159.  Instrumental music to 1200. Announcer in apparent Dzongkha for a minute, pleasant instrumental music bridge, then same male announcer with news, all // with station web stream. At 1214 plucked instrumental music bridge, then male announcer, into more stringed instrumental music at 1217 but fading quickly. This continues to improve.  (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

6024.98, Red Patria Nueva, 0950. Usual morning news program. Instrumental music at 0952 break. Clear ID at 0953:00, and back to nnews with announcer mentioning Patria Nueva.  Ad/promo block at 0954. Not that bad of a signal and 6030 staying to its own space for the most part.  (Valko)

4845.004, Radio Cultura Onda Tropicais (presumed). Upon reviewing the 60 meter band recordings, found two stations on 4845. This had what sounded like a canned discussion between male/female Portuguese from 2357-2359, then canned announcement until WWCR came on. (Valko)

4774.98, Radio Sora de Congonhas. Check at 0848 with easy-listening Brazilian pop-like music. Live DJ's echo effect, starting with a Radio Sora ID.  Back to music, then 0854 canned announcement. Clear "Radio Congonhas" ID 0855:00. Lively song at 0856, canned talk at 0959 over guitar music. DJ again at 0902 with mentions of informacao. Good strength but noisy. (Valko)

4864.8v, Radio Alvorada. Nice time check and station ID by live studio announcer. Brazilian pop songs at 0850:50. Announcer at  0856 but all I could copy was a time check and "bom dia."  Another mention of Alvorada at 0859:55. Strength wasn't too bad but the modulation was low.  The signal varies quite a bit and there wasn't any exact pinpoint carrier.  Also a buzzing was present, the same as whats on Radio Vision and on 4825.  (Valko)

5939.849, Radio Voz Missionaria. Brazilian pop music at 0841 tune-in. Several announcer's at 0843 and rooster sound effect mixed with siren signal. Time check, men laughing, and two loud time checks at 0847. Very nice signal, and still decent at 0918 with mooing and bird call sound effects during song. The morning DJs took a phone call at 0922 between songs.  Found //9664.81 at 0932 w/the two DJs still going. (Valko)

6134.973, Radio Aparecida, 0844. Close of Brazilian pop music. Male announcer's brief announcement and morning "bom dia" greeting and short canned jingle. Accurate time check, "bom dia", and into phone-in report with mentions of Aparecida at 0845:55. Very nice signal. (Valko)

15150, Radio Tamazuj, 1501-1530. Sudanese service with news about Sudan including phone-in reports to 1515. "Radio Tamazuj" ID and presumed station info and frequency. Current affairs of a "magazine" style reporting about Sudan topics. Arabic music at 1523. Station switch over to sister station Radio Dabanga at 1526. Numerous "Radio Dabanga" spoken and musical ID jingles. Continued "magazine" format continued.

6010, La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, 0404-0410. Spanish religious comments and songs, Spanish. SINPO 14221. Also listened 0448-0456 with  religious songs, SINPO 14321 (Méndez)

4765, Radio Progreso, La Habana, 0352-0402.* Spanish, news: "Noticiero resumen de Progreso", "Para Radio Progreso", "Seguidamente, el pronóstico del tiempo para este miércoles", "Deportes", "Radio Progreso, Cadena Nacional, finalizada su programación por hoy". Close down. SINPO 34433. (Méndez)

15275, Deutsche Welle, 1902-1930. "You're listening to Deutsche Welle news." Topics on peacekeepers casualties from terrorist attack, migrants from East Africa, Hong Kong riots and China's reactions. Station ID to Africa Link program featuring report on Nigeria's Boko Haram group, and correspondent's report from Lagos. Items on Tanzania, Nigerian migrants to Germany and item on Kenya. Shifted from 15275 at 1927 to 11865 kHz in English. Audible in English at 2000 on 11865 and 9655 kHz with world news. (Rod Pearson, St Augustine, FL)

6050, HCJB at 1042 in Spanish with Andean music, many time checks and man speaking. Good signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

6050, HCJB, Pichincha, 0445-0500*. Religious program in Spanish with comments and songs, "Gracias por hacernos compañía", anthem, identification "HCJB, escúchenos en FM..., 690 AM y 6050 de la onda corta", time signals and close down. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez, Lugo, Spain/HCDX)

15435.013. AWR Guam transmissions heard at this time slot in 19 meter band. This KSDA AWR channel suffered audio-wise by annoying metallic scratching/whistle audio, a serious transmitter fault here with a loud high-pitched squealing tone accompanying the audio. Pity, as it was a lovely fair signal but listening was difficult through this noise. English sermon by Indian subcontinent accented prayer, sermon at 2222 UT on Sept 28 (Bueschel).

4055, Radio Verdad at 1052 with man reading Bible in English. Same format at 1107, and at 1111 prayer in English. (Sellers)

11740, All India Radio-Panaji. Close of great sitar music, then lady in Hindi with station ID at 2305:50 and talk with mentions of Pakistan. Good signal but interference from weaker signal (China's CNR2) (Valko)  AIR-Panaji also on 9705 at 2300 in English with station ID and newscsript. Not as good as it was the last time I was DXing at the SGLs. (Valko)

4869.92, RRI Wamena. Some sort of live program in a vernacular language at 1033. Audience was audible. At 1038 male host mentioned "ok".  End of program with mention of "RRI" and nice site ID at 1040:25. Very brief canned announcement, then into lively island music. Brief deadair at 1045 then announcement by announcer with what sounded like a mention of "once again". Canned promo/ID with "RRI Wamena" ID over pop music at 1046:05. Another canned spot by announcer over march music, and back to pop music tune. At 1053 into Islam program promo, ID, and more music. Left the frequency at 1056 and found deadair at 1059 to at least 1104, then announcer's news at 1108 recheck ending with "Radio Republik Indonesia" ID at 1111. Peppy "Garuda Pancasila" patriotic song (tnx Ron Howard). At 1124 what sounded like the same lady announcer returned after two pop ballads with rapid talk including ID. Came back at 1133 and found "(Everything I Do) I Do it for You" by Bryan Adams. Signal fading, seemed to peak around 1108.  (Valko)

6185, Radio Educación, extended program. 0445-0610.* Radio Educación has been closing his short wave transmission at 0500 UTC, a pity because conditions to listen this station are better later,  at sunrise here in Spain, but today the program is still in the air at 0600 with good signal, good news if the extended program will be on air all days. At 0445 program: "La Suprema Corte", identification: "Radio Educación, 1060 AM desde la ciudad de México, 100.000 watts de potencia, Radio Educación, la radio cultural de México". At 0500: "Les saludamos cuando comienza un nuevo día, 5 de octubre, escuchen nuestra música en el nuevo día, sigan en la compañía de esta emisora mexicana", music. SINPO 24322 at 0445 but 34333 at 0610. (Méndez)

9730, Myanma Radio, 1108:30. Start of ABC English service program.language lesson program. Same program at the restaurant as heard before. "Would you like to see a menu", "Would you like to order now", "Would you like boiled or cooked rice", "Would you like a single or double brew", "Thanks for the use of the towel", "I apologize for any inconvenience", "Thank you, thank you, I'd like a cup of tea", etc.  And close of program (Valko)

New Zealand
9700, Radio New Zealand International at 1105 reporting on an upcoming election in Samoa. Poor signal (Sellers).

15355, Radio Sultanate Oman. Backlobe signal of Thumrait 315degr outlet, scheduled 22-24 UT S=7 or -84dBm fair signal into Australia remote SDR unit. Phone-in programm in Arabic, talk by two woman (Bueschel).

Papua New Guinea
3385, NBC East New Britain at 1203 beginning news in what sounded like English, but then dead air for several minutes. Checked again at 1211 they were back with what sounded like news in Tok Pisin for poor signal (Sellers).

6100, International Radio Serbia, 1825-1859. Russian folk music and announcement to closing items of Russian service. Interval signal music notes to full melody at 1830, followed by English service to North America identification at 1830. National and Russian news topics to 1833. Station ID to editorial on Russian/Ukrainian crisis, to same on Bosnia Herzegovina. Musical interlude to travelogue on sites in Serbia. Musical Heritage program at 1846. Sign-off routine, "you have been listening to International Radio Serbia." Station frequency quote, web/email addresses into interval signal at 1859. Spanish service commencing at 1900. (NL/SDR) (Van Horn).

21640, Radio Exterior de Espana, 1523-1549. Spanish conversations (// 15385 kHz) about Mexico to station ID at 1526. Piano melody to time tips at 1530. Spanish program about movie industry and festival with interviews to ID at 1156. Time tips and ID routine at 1200 into world newscast. Closing items from French service on 9665 // 11615, 1858-1918. Interval signal melody to sign-on Spanish ID and time tips at 1900. English national news. Feature on film industry in Spain. North by Southwest program monitored to 1930. Station is scheduled to leave shortwave on 15 October 2014. Send reception reports to: Casa de la Radio, Avenida de la Radio en la Television 4, Pozuelo de Alarcon, 28223 Madrid, Spain. (Van Horn)

11605.101  Radio Taiwan International in Japanese, ID at 22.00:40 UT program start, poor S=6 signal in Australia; 11634.848  Radio Taiwan International in Chinese, S=8-9 downunder in Brisbane. Accompanied by CNR mainland jamming on even 11635 kHz, at 2204 UT on Sept 28.

United States
11580, Echo of Europe/RFI relay via WRMI, 2300-2315. Time tips at 2300, into "canned" English ID as "Echo of Europe" with station info, frequency, web and email addresses. French programming began at 2301. "Magazine" style format to musical interlude at 2312. English ID repeated as 2300 sign-on. Off at 2315. (Van Horn). Station broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday nights 2300-2315 via WRMI.

11580, Radio Ukraine International relay via WRMI, 2330-2359. Piano interval signal to "this is Ukranian Radio" ID. Program previews to newcast topics covering-continued shelling in northern part of Kiev, Euro Union Views on free trade, Sec. General's report, trilateral talks in Berlin and summit planned on international investing. "That's allof the news," followed by Ukranian Perspectives program of news reports and commentaries. "Radio Ukraine International" at 2337 break during programming. Golden Lion festival discussed, followed by feature on anniversary of the tragedy of Babi Yar. This was a ravine in Kiev, and site of a series of massacres carried out by German forces and local collaborators during their campaign against the Soviet Union. Closing ID at 2359 with address and email address for reception reports to Programming shifted Bro. Stair at 0000. (Van Horn)

9390, IBRA Radio relay 1506. Program in Bangali with male's prayer. S=9+15dBm strength in southern Germany (Bueschel).

9635.768  Two very extended like National Anthem of Vietnam sounded orchestra performings noted at 2146 to 2148 UT, and second a little shorter at 2148 to 21.50:25 UT, S=8 or -76dBm on remote unit in Queensland down under. At 21.51 UT station and country ID like "lop noi ...
Vietnaaam....". (Bueschel)
(QSLs via Gayle Van Horn)