Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Now is a 'great time' to log Ethiopia

Voice of Ethiopia  (Gayle Van Horn Collection)

From this week's DX Window, comes a great tip for DXers that want to add Ethiopia to their station logbook

Ethiopia gets better and better during autumn/winter season 

All times UTC  - *sign-on  /  sign-off*

(logs edited for clarity)

5950.00, Voice of Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, 1615-1725 and 1945-2000*, Oct 01 and 04. Local music, Announcement in  vernacular. SINPO 33333, Interference from IRIB (Iran) Sirjan in Tajik on 5949.99. (Bueschel and Giroletti)

6030.00, Radio Oromiya, Geja Jewe, 1615 and 1945-2000.* Oct 01. Horn of Africa music, wandered up and down. (Bueschel)

6089.98, Radio Amhara, Geja Jewe, *0300-0310, Sept 28. Interval signal to station identification at 
under the interference from Anguilla. (Pankov). Also heard at *1600-1900* Sept 30. Station is back on shortwave in Amharic. Interference from Radio Nigeria Kaduna on 6089.9 and 1700-1800 China Radio Int'l on 6090 in English. (Ivanov). Also heard at 1615, Oct 01. Wandered approximately 10 - 15 hertz up and down continuously. Interference from Nigeria on 6089.86. (Bueschel) 
6110.00, Radio Fana, Addis Ababa, 1945-2100, Oct 01, S=9+15dB. China's CRI started co-channel interference at 1957. (Bueschel)
(DSWCI-DX Window 516)