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Greece's Elliniki Radiophonia antennas and service areas

VOG antennas (
Compiled By John Babbis, Silver Spring, MD, USA

The Fifth Program of the Greek Broadcasting Service (Elliniki Radiophonia) is transmitted from the short-wave transmitting center at Avlis, about 70 kilometers north of Athens. The station was put into service in 1972, and has two 100-kW H.F. Marconi B-6123 Broadcast Transmitters and one 250-kW
Continental 419 F-2 Broadcast Transmitter (working at 70 kW. with an effective radiated power of 170 kW).

Antennas covering 1,100 acres, arranged in three lines cover the desired directions. The pylons supporting the 6 MHz arrays are truly impressive at 328 feet. Each line has eight separate antennas for the 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, and 21 MHz Broadcasting bands. Each antenna consists of two curtains
with a total of 8 horizontal dipoles. The dipoles are all fed by open wire feeders which can be remotely switched to enable radiation in two directions 180deg apart. There are also three curtains for the 11 meter band (26 MHz) which may be put into service during Sunspot Cycle 22 if the
Maximum Usable Frequency allows it.

For transmissions to neighboring countries like Cyprus, Turkey, the Balkans, and the Middle East, there are two rotatable-periodic antennas with a high-angle of vertical radiation (45 deg) and a wide angle of 32deg in the horizontal plane. The remotely-controlled switching center allows each of the two 100 kW Marconi transmitters to be connected to any one of the 23 antennas. Electro-mechanical protection circuits ensure that a transmitter can only be connected to an antenna that is tuned to the
same frequency.

The Continental transmitter is connected to a separate antenna.

The change of antennas and transmitting frequencies is made during the ten minute interval between programs, which always begin on the hour, preceded by the familiar signature tune of a shepherd playing the flute with the tinkling of sheep bells in the background followed by the Greek National

Location Power Azimuth Antenna Service Area
AVL 100 002deg HR3 Europe, Balkan Countries, Sweden
AVL 100 046deg HR1 Japan, Tashkent, USSR
AVL 100 046deg HR3 Japan, Tashkent, USSR
AVL 100 080deg HR1 Australia, Middle East, USSR
AVL 100 100deg LP Middle East
AVL 100 105deg HR2 ME, Indian Ocean, Australia
AVL 100 105deg HR3 ME, Indian Ocean, Australia
AVL 100 143deg HR3 Arabia-Indian Ocean, Egypt-Libya
AVL 100 182deg HR3 CeAfrica, Egypt-Libya, SoAfrica
AVL 100 226deg HR1 Azores, South America
AVL 100 226deg HR3 Azores, South America
AVL 100 260deg HR1 Central America
AVL 100 285deg HR2 Eur, Atlantic, NWAfrica,Americas
AVL 100 285deg HR3 Europe
AVL 100 292deg LP North America
AVL 100 300deg HR2 North America
AVL 100 323deg HR3 Eur, Balkan Countries, NoAmerica
AVL 170 323deg FIXED Eur, Atlantic Ocean, Americas

Avlis has 3 series of curtains, some of which have been used in the
antipodal mode:

HR1: 046 / 226 deg HR2: 105 / 285 deg
080 / 260 deg 120 / 300 deg

HR3: 002 / 182 deg 105 / 285 deg
046 / 226 deg 143 / 323 deg

Also, 2 log-periodic rotatable (000 deg ... to 360 deg) which have been used for the azimuths of 002 deg, 008 deg, 052 deg, 100 deg, 292 deg, and 306 deg.

Formerly a decade ago:
kW Azi
KAV 250 026 deg KAV 250 095 deg KAV 250 105 deg
KAV 250 208 deg KAV 250 240 deg KAV 250 355 deg
THE 35 115 deg THE 35 315 deg DL 250 075 deg
DL 250 272 deg DL 250 296 deg GR 250 164 deg
(John Babbis-MD-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4, 2009)

GREECE - ERT update.
So ... here's a quick update on the Greek public broadcaster.

ERT's website has gone online, has just corporate information. However, as of 31 May evening the broadcasting is still apparently done as NERIT. is also online at the moment and streaming ET3 from Thessaloniki(which managed to stay on air online(and I think on some
remote satellite) the whole affair). Of course, as we approach June, symbolically they might as well choose 11 June - the day the shutdown decision came two years ago. This is also the date I've seen going around in Greek sources, including this Greek posting from Friday
(BCDX/Top Nx 1210)