Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Radio Verdad returns to air after transmitter repairs

May I inform you that we have repaired our transmitter already through the work of Engineer Ralph Borthwick, from Canada. Now we are transmitting with 800 watts power and a very high power stability.
May God bless you.
Dr. Edgar Amilcar Madrid
Radio Verdad & Radio Verdad TV, May 28.

4055 Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0336-0410 UTC on June 05, long religious talk with occasional musical selection a little later on. Poor signal, but nice to have them back even at reduced power.
(Rich D'Angelo, dswci DXW June 12)

Also heard at 0433-0611* UTC on May 28 and Jun 07, now on air again, with religious songs, ID, Anthem. Weak, best on LSB, 14321.
(Mendez-ESP, dswci DXW June 12)
(BCDX/WWDXC/Top Nx # 1211/15 Jun)