Monday, March 07, 2016

Update on Republic of Adygea

After closing, a few years ago, Russia's foreign broadcasting  (Voice of Russia) and off last shortwave domestic broadcast transmitters (Radio of Russii, including - in Tulagino) in this range,
continued its work of a single transmitter, broadcasting a program of the Adygeya radio (GTRK "Adygea") in the amount of three hours per week for compatriots abroad on Circassian, Turkish and Arabic.

Current schedule of his work: 2100-2200 Moscow time (1800-1900 UT) on Mondays and Fridays, 2200-2300 Moscow time (1900-2000 UT) on Sunday at a frequency of 6000 kHz exactly (in the range of 49 meters) over 100 kW transmitter of the Kuban branch of the radio center RTRS "Krasnodar
KRTPTS" in the Tbilisi district of the region. Link to the archive of programs online broadcaster:
("VKontakte" group "DX-ing - Far radio reception"
Group Editor: Vladimir Yemelyanov, Samara, Russia.).
(Anatoly Klepov/RUS-DX # 862)