Monday, May 16, 2016

Isle of Music program schedule for May 17

Our May 17 (May 16 in the Americas) program will feature a brief interview with Angel Toirac, pianist of Influencia, and a lot of music by this distinctive Jazz ensemble, We wiill also have some vintage 1970s Cuban Funk from Grupo Monumental, some recent Cuban R & B by Eme, and we'll finish the wonderful concert piano album Danzas Para Piano de Ignacio Cervantes.

Two listening options on shortwave:
WBCQ, 7490 KHz, Tuesdays 0000 UTC (8pm EDT Mondays)
Channel 292, 6070 KHz, Tuesdays 1900 UTC (2100 CEST)
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We now offer eQSLs (only) for reception reports  for From the Isle of Music sent for both transmissions  to  For a hardcopy QSL from WBCQ, listeners still need to contact them directly.

William "Bill" Tilford, Owner/Producer
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