Monday, May 02, 2016

The future of Azad Kashmir Radio in question

(via play-dx)
MIRPUR (AJK) - Due to non-payment of funds by the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, the news section of Azad Kashmir Radio Mirpur and FM-101 have reached at the verge of complete closure.
Now, there is an apprehension that its daily news transmissions may go off air at anytime, officials concerned said.
The PBC authorities at Islamabad have completely withdrawn, by now, the monthly funds of Rs80,000, allocated for the disbursement of remuneration of the staff including news translators and news readers, of the news section of AJK Radio Mirpur plus Radio FM-101. The slash in the allocated funds of the news section of the AK Radio Mirpur was practiced gradually for the last six months. The funds were curtailed from Rs80,000 to Rs20,000 and later withdrawn completely.
The complete stoppage of the monthly funds caused non-payment of the remuneration to the staffers. The ugly state of affairs has led the apprehensions of complete closure of the news section.