Monday, October 04, 2021

Amsterdam Radio Days with Jonathan Marks and Andy Sennitt

 Video of Jonathan Marks and Andy Sennitt at the Amsterdam Radio Day 2011 on the story of Media Network uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

The channel, Ben's Radio Visuals, was launched on September 30.

"Since 1999 I have been filming predominantly radio DJ's, but also radio stations, quite frequently. Personally, I love to watch a DJ at work. 

Also, I visited the Dutch Zeezender/Radiodays and filmed all the interviews. With all that I have built up quite a large video archive throughout the years. On this channel, I will be sharing the material that I have in my archive... Kind regards, 
Ben Meijering (aka LosGoud)"

Many other offshore radio-related videos are now there.
(Mike Burraclough, UK/BDXC)