Monday, October 11, 2021

Monitoring the Mini Transat yacht race


(photo Wikipedia)

Heard the broadcast from Issoudun for the Mini Transat yacht race today

(11 Oct) at 1500 UTC on 13735 kHz. Similar format to the transmission I heard for the race in August 2020 which was only in French waters due to Covid. SIO 353

1501 UTC music followed by a man in French (mentioning La Palma and Novembre). 1503: Lady in English with French accent with the weather (meteo) forecast for today 11th October until 1508 then music.

Silence until 1515 then OM in French again. Off at 1530 UTC recheck.

On 13735 again from 1600 UTC, but in DRM.

This time the race is from France via La Palma (Canary Islands) to Guadeloupe = 4050 nautical miles. It started in France 26 September. 

Arriving in La Palma from 3rd October. Departing La Palma 29th October, arriving in Guadeloupe from 9th November. See:

There's also a Facebook page:

13735 kHz is only registered on HFCC until 29th October 2021. Unsure if broadcasts are daily (or only if yachts are still at sea? They're arriving in Santa Cruz de La Palma today re the Facebook page)

 Alan Pennington, UK?BDXC)