Monday, October 25, 2021

One final DRM Test from KTWR before winter schedules



Hi Everyone,

While we are very close to the B21 broadcast season, we have one more DRM test to try this season. We want to verify that we can broadcast dual language services with our automated playout system. (Years ago, we proved that we could broadcast dual language services with a more manual approach.)

On 30 October, the English block to China at 1100-1130UTC will be replaced with Mandarin and Cantonese. The English part of our Japanese broadcast at 1200-1230UTC will be replaced with Japanese and Korean. This test will be only for one day. Speech audio will be computer-generated, so it may or may not sound slightly unnatural. Feel free to let us know how the audio quality turned out.

Running dual languages requires KTWR to use MSC=64QAM instead of our normal 16QAM. This will require a better SNR to decode than what is currently required. Current solar conditions appear to be 

(Mike Sabin/TWR)