Sunday, December 12, 2021

Christmas edition of International Radio Report now available online

 The Christmas 2021 edition of the Hans Knot - International Radio Report includes contributions from, among others, these former offshore radio stations: DJs: Ron O'Quinn, Emperor Rosko, Andy Archer, John Kerr, and Paul Rusling. The death of John Edward and Philip Birch, among others, is also discussed. 

And in the new International Radio Report, another story about the radio station Radio London by Brian Long - in which he shares the memories of Chris Denning with you. Very nice are the various news items about the RadioDay videos by Ben Meijering, the opening of the Zendschepen Museum in Alkmaar and the new mediumwave transmitter for Radio Caroline on 648AM. We wish you success in downloading and much pleasure in reading. (click on the International Report)
(Mike Terry/BDXC)