Sunday, December 12, 2021

New edition, Broadcasting n Russian now available



The 31th edition of the "Broadcasting in Russian" Handbook, published by the St. Petersburg DX Club, has been recently released.

The handbook is the most comprehensive guide to broadcasts in Russian on long, medium and short waves. Its "Air Broadcasting" section features all radio stations transmitting in Russian at present time, both from Russia
and abroad, which could be received in Russia and neighboring countries (total 43 stations from 28 countries and territories of the world).

Station listings include frequency and program schedules, transmitter location and power, target areas, postal addresses, phone / fax numbers, Web sites, social network pages, e-mail addresses as well as QSL policy info. The schedules are valid mainly until the end of March 2022 (during A21 broadcasting season).

For the first time "Pirate Broadcasting" section is introduced in the current issue of the handbook. The latter features the unlicensed stations which regularly broadcast in Russian within MW and SW broadcast bands.

Internet Broadcasting section contains information on Internet broadcasting of 20 stations of 15 countries.

In the historical section, the article of Trans World Radio's history is continued.

The Handbook is exclusively in Russian and distributed as a hard copy only. Its volume is 64 pages of A5 size. Please address your purchase requests and questions to St. Petersburg DX Club by e-mail to>

The price is 6 EUR or 7 USD (including delivery by registered mail) by
cash / PayPal / Skrill.
(Alexander Berezkin, Sankt-Petersburg-RUS,
RUSdx #1162 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)
(Top Nx 1489/11 Dec 2021)