Monday, December 06, 2021

SUNLITE Radio new broadcaster from the Netherlands


SUNLITE commenced broadcasting on shortwave on Sunday, December 5, from 06.00-18.00 UTC on 5955 kHz with reduced power of 75 watts from Westdorpe, Netherlands. 

Check out for more information. 

Reception reports are most welcome to: 

The new national DAB+ station in The Netherlands, Sunlite, which was launched on November 9th 2021 with a soft AC format, today at 14 UTC began broadcasting on 5955 kHz from Westdorpe in Zeeland, near the border with Belgium. 

 Sunlite is using a temporary 75 watts transmitter 24 hours a day for the next two weeks - and then Sunlite is expected to switch on a brand new 400 Watts transmitter, which will be on the air daily at 06-18 UTC only. But for the next two weeks DXers have the chance of catching Sunlite during the night (UTC) on 5955 kHz.

 Correct reports will be verified with an eQSL. Reports should go to:

 Sunlite is owned and operated by RadioCorp, which also runs 100% NL and SLAM!

You can listen to SUNLITE via DAB+ (physical DAB+ radio and or your car radio with DAB+ reception) all over the Netherlands, online (via, various radio portals such as, and various radio apps (Tune In, Sonos etc.) also.