Thursday, February 19, 2015

Product Announcement: DXtreme Station Log

Special thanks to Bob Raymond for today's product announcement on his updated version of DXtreme Station Log. I have used Bob's programs and would highly recommend it to shortwave listeners or amateur radio operators. This fine product will save you time (and paperwork) keeping your hobby organized.
Gayle Van Horn W4GVH

DXtreme Station Log — Multimedia Edition, Version 11.0

DXtreme Software™ has released a new version of its popular logging program for Amateur Radio operators: DXtreme Station Log — Multimedia Edition™ Version 11.0.
New Features in Version 11.0

Afreet Ham CAP Integration — DXtreme’s DX Spot Checker integrates with Afreet Ham CAP, an optional HF propagation prediction program available from Afreet Software, Inc. Users activate Ham CAP by requesting short- or long-path propagation predictions on spotted stations.

Direct Tune — Users can now change their rig's frequency and mode from the Station Log window (in addition to within the DX Spot Checker) if they are using Afreet Omni-Rig for rig control.

Social Media Posting — When users add or display a log entry, Station Log prepares an announcement of the contact and displays it on the Social Media Post tab. From there, users can drag (or copy) the post to their favorite social media web site(s) to share their news with others.
Using the Script Editor window, users can create and edit social media scripts that format their social media posts. Four social media scripts come with the software.

Last Log Entries Window — In addition to the Last Log Entries grid on the Station Log window, users can now display a re-sizeable Last Log Entries Window when more room is needed to display contact information. A Properties dialog box lets users change the order of columns, set foreground and background colors of grid headings and data rows, plus more. Double-clicking records displays their detailed data on the Station Log window.

WAS Analytics™ — A window-based tool, WAS Analytics lets users analyze their Worked All States (WAS) data and quickly access the specific log entries upon which they need to take some kind of action, such as submitting or re-submitting a QSL or e-mailing the ham they contacted.
Standard Features  DXtreme Station Log lets hams log their contacts and import ADIF files from other programs. It supports major call sign subscription services, and offers the following multimedia and advanced functions:

DX Spot Checker™ — Receives DX spots from Telnet-based servers, and determines whether QSOs are needed for new or verified DXCC® entities, band-entities, mode-entities, or VUCC grids.

DX Atlas Integration — Performs DX Atlas azimuth plots from the user’s location to that of a spotted or logged station. Also creates maps for a variety of reports. (A software license for Afreet DX Atlas is required to use it.)

Band Master Integration — Afreet Band Master can be invoked with Needed Lists based on the user’s Station Log database. (A software license for Afreet Band Master is required to use it.)

Rig Control — Tunes/retrieves frequencies and modes from supported rigs through integration with Afreet Omni-Rig, available from Afreet Software.

QSL Processing — Creates QSL and address labels for physical QSLs, and supports the ARRL’s TQSL program for uploading .TQ8 files to the LoTW server automatically. Also retrieves LoTW QSL records, and includes a QSL Imaging™ facility for scanning, capturing, and displaying physical and electronic QSLs, including LoTW QSLs.

Audio Facility — Records and plays QSOs.

Reports — Provides a wide range of performance and station reports to let users see how well they’re doing. All reports can be filtered and sorted. Includes a window-based DXCC® Analytics™ tool for analyzing and enhancing DXCC standing.

Operating System and Requirements
DXtreme Station Log runs in 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, and Windows XP.

DXCC® is a registered trademark of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.
Microsoft®, Windows®, and Vista® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Band Master, DX Atlas, Ham CAP, and Omni-Rig are owned by Afreet Software, Inc. A purchased software license for Band Master and DX Atlas are required to use them.

Pricing and Support
DXtreme Station Log retails for $89.95 USD worldwide for Internet distribution. Special pricing is available for upgrading users, and CD shipment is available for a nominal surcharge.

All prices include product support by Internet e-mail.
About DXtreme Software

Based in Nashua, NH, DXtreme Software produces powerful and easy-to-use logging applications for all kinds of radio enthusiasts — from short-wave and medium-wave listeners and DXers to Amateur Radio operators.

For more information about DXtreme Station Log — Multimedia Edition V11.0, visit or contact Bob Raymond, NE1I, at