Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: World Radio TV Handbook 2015

World Radio TV Handbook 2015 Review 
Gayle Van Horn W4GVH
Teak Publishing

To radio hobbyists, a new year brings goals for a successful year, whether as a casual program listener, or as a dedicated DXer. This year as in previous years, the casual program listener and DXer always welcome the new edition of World Radio TV Handbook.

With a friendly opening by Nicholas Hardyman, Publisher, this year’s 69th edition begins with reviews featuring the popular SDRplay-a software-defined radio hardware that continues to gain popularity. Additional reviews include the MFJ-1046 Preselector, Tecsun PL-600 and CommRadio CR-1a, an upgraded version of their CR-1 table-top receiver. An in-depth review on the Wellbrook ALA 1530S+  Imperium Loop antenna is noted as the WRTH Awards for 2015 as the Best Antenna, and may solve your HF noise problem. A closer look at the Apache ANAN-10 is certainly suggested for the amateur operator or listeners interested in a multi-receiver SDR.

The first HF relay station in the world is still going strong. Dave Porter, G4OYX,one time Senior Transmitter Engineer at the site, outlines its history and current status in Wooferton 70 Years on the Air. First known as OSE-10 (Overseas Station Extension 10), Wooferton continues to bring the world to listener’s with hopes of another 70 years.

Max van Arnhem, WRTH contributor and well-known DXer, brings his perspective on The Future of DXing, followed by the annual round-up of developments in digital broadcasting, together with a look at the forthcoming World Radiocommunications Conference WRC).

Ask any amateur radio operator, and chances are they will announce that Lord Howe Island remains on their “Must Work” list. David Foster visited the remote and beautiful island near Australia. The state of radio on this remote island may surprise you.

In radio-circles, Watkins-Johnson radios are the most illustrious of receivers. Regarded as classics, most were for military and government use. An in-depth feature on the 8711A version will convince you of it’s well-deserved reputation.

This years HF Broadcasting Conditions cover what to expect during 2015, and most suitable frequencies. The National Radio section, are domestic radio stations which broadcast to a national listening audience on medium wave, shortwave and FM. Listings are arranged by country and include frequencies, transmitters, kW, contact information, and websites.

International Radio, contain stations broadcasting to an international audience. Similar to the latter, this informative section includes frequencies, transmitters, kW, contact information and websites.

Clandestine and Other Target Broadcast are stations broadcasting politically motivated  programming or those targeted at zones of local or regional conflicts. A one-page listing of Religious Broadcasters Cross Reference Table list the names of religious broadcasters.

The Frequency List, covers medium wave, shortwave, DRM, and a by-hour listing of multilingual international and DRM broadcasters, plus an updated section on National Television.

Closing this year’s edition is an extensive reference section of country indexes and codes, world transmitting sites, radio clubs, book abbreviations, and domestic shortwave transmitters. Standard Time and Frequency Transmissions contain schedules and contact information for worldwide time/frequency stations.

World Radio TV Handbook 2015, remains the ultimate directory of global broadcasting for a global audience. WRTH sets the standard for the radio hobby. It is an excellent reference book, and should compliment every listening-post.

World Radio TV Handbook (ISSBN:978-0-9555481-7-8) is now available and the upcoming WRTH A15 Bargraph CD, for order at: