Monday, February 16, 2015

Radio Exterior de Spain improves quality of broadcast frequencies

translated from original Spanish post

Radio Exterior de Spain (REE) improve the quality of broadcast frequencies shortwave, after complaints it has received from users. 06 Febr 2015

So it has transmitted to responsible managers of RNE Platform in Defense of the shortwave, as reported by the Federation of Journalists (FAPE), part of this entity. After studying the reports sent by ships at sea and listeners around the world, the direction of RNE and REE have agreed to split the frequencies on weekends, because information both land and sea indicate that reception quality is not stable during the eight hours that lasts the issue. In this way, he will use two frequencies so that you can listen to eight hours.

Public radio reported that the change will be as fast as possible, probably from this past weekend. Regarding emissions from Monday to Friday it has agreed to adjust the frequencies, uploading them in most cases, to ensure the stability of the reception throughout the four hours of broadcasting. This change will take place on March 28, coinciding with the change of scheme emissions from all international radios regulated by the High Frequency cordination Corporation, the agency responsible for coordinating international radio frequencies.

Platform representatives expressed their satisfaction that requests REE listeners via shortwave to see made in the near future, considering that is his only connection to Spain, and have expressed their intention to continue working with RNE and REE, to ensure quality public service that
affects thousands of aid workers, sailors, sailors, soldiers, teachers and Spanish which they operate outside the Spanish territory.
(via Arnaldo Slaen-ARG, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 9)
(BCDX/Top Nx 1196)