Friday, February 20, 2015

Radio Öömrang annual broadcast

This year, on February 21, 2015, radio hobbyists are gearing up to monitor the annual broadcast from Radio Öömrang ("Radio Amrum") which is a major Frisian holiday.

Programming was originally founded by the radio amateur Arjan Kölzow on the island of Amrum in North Germany. The first program on shortwave was February 21, 2006. Programming is broadcast in Frisian, an Öömrang dialect, as well as broadcasting in Standard German. The annual broadcast is aimed at the descendants of North Frisian immigrants in North America.

English station identifications have been heard as; :this is Radio Öömrang, the free voice of the Frisian people."  Programming is relayed via Media Broadcast facilities.

At this publishing time, final broadcast confirmation has not been received, however as in previous years, the following schedule information is indicated. Any corrected schedule will be posted on this blog.

Annual shortwave broadcast of Radio Öömrang from Amrum Island, German North Frisian Islands

Schedule in 2014 was 1600-1659 UTC on 15215 kHz via Media Broadcast in Frisian dialect, German and English.

A reply in response to this year's planned broadcast: Many thanks for your kind email. As always, reception reports are most welcome, send to:


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