Friday, February 27, 2015

Blog Logs

A sampling from hobbyist monitoring shortwave. What are you hearing on the bands ?

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

Radio Belarus QSL
6155 Radio Belarus, 2132-2205. Instrumental music noted at tune-in, followed by announcer's English ID as, "you are listening to Radio Belarus." Several musical selections and long feature on real estate and landlords in Belarus. Into Russian program at 2200. Signal poor to fair. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/DXplorer/BC-DX Top Nx 1197) Website:

6100, International Radio of Serbia, Bijeljina, Bosnia *2157-2209. Station interval signal, followed by trumpet fanfare and opening of English service with station ID and announcer's newscast. Fair signal although the German service the previous hour much better as someone seemingly also opened on channel. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/DXplorer/BC-DX # 1197) Website:

9725, Radio RB2, Curitiba, 0802-0830. Portuguese news and comments about Curitiba and comments about Carnaval, "Hoje Domingo de Carnaval", "Radio RB2, Curitiba", "Carnaval", "6 horas... minutos". SINPO 34433. (Manuel Méndez, Lugo, Spain/HCDX)

11734.978, Rádio Transmundial, Santa María. Music played on morning Atlantic path into southern Germany. Portuguese announcement at 1030 for weak signal and tiny fade-out morning path S=4-5.
(W. Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

6160, CKZN, St. John’s, Newfoundland. 0711 with CBC program, The Current Review discussing PTSD. CKZU Vancouver very weak in background //690 Vancouver and my local 106.5 FM outlet. Fair signal (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

5985, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Japan, 1401. Lady announcer spells e-mail address. Station identification over piano music of “This is Shiokaze, Seabreeze, from Tokyo, Japan.” Program feature at 1403 into feature that I think was Today’s Newsflash. Fair signal (Sellers)

15165, Risala International, (via Issoudin, France relay) Presumed Afaan Oromo language. First station broadcast on Friday 20 February. Sign-on with Horn of Africa vocals into station sign-on identification. Additional segments of HoA music interspersed between comments, interview, speech segments and noted English ID. Abruptly off the air after vocals and ID at 1858. Station reported to be Muslim Ogaden clan organization airing against the government of Ethiopia to Ogaden State of Ogaden-Somalis in eastern Ethiopia province. Website: (Gayle Van Horn) Same reported times with Oromo mentioned during talks, HoA music (Wendel Craighead, KS)

17870, Radio Xoriyo (via Issoudun France) *1600-1630.* Station sign-on with Horn of Africa instrumental music and announcer's Somali announcements. Newscast and mention of "Ogaden" during presumed ID. Somali language talks continued after newscast. Fair signal but noted jamming, similar to Oromo Voice Radio, reduced reception quality. Station is targeting programming to Ethiopia (Rich D'Angelo-PA/DXplorer/BC DX Top Nx 197)

17850 Oromo Voice Radio. Surprised to hear this in English. Station on in Oromo at 1600 as always, but switched to English at 1615. Lady announcer with station ID and frequency. Program interview in English until transmitter went off at 1630. English may be Monday only. Excellent signal today as is usual.  And as usual, a “roar” jam began at about 1602. (Craighead)

6010, La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras 0503-0825. Spanish religious comments and songs. Station identification at 0815 as "tres de la mañana con catorce minutos, La Voz de tu Conciencia". SINPO 22322. (Manuel Méndez, Spain/HCDX)

3290, Voice of Guyana 0312-0412. Program of continuous romantic vocals selections to 0400. Station identification and newscast by male announcer, followed by BBC news. Signal fair but channel interference observed. Voice modulation seemed off but music was relatively okay. Nice to hear them again. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/DXplorer/BC-DX 1197) 3290, Voice of Guyana 0626. BBC programming // 9460. Station profile of a Lebanese band. BBC World News at 0700 during fair signal (Sellers)

4970.015 AIR Shillong. Random monitoring 1410 to 1515. Thanks to Dave Valko for accurate frequency, had been off the air for three to four days-must have done some major work on the transmitter, as their signal is much stronger now than recently heard and slightly higher in frequency. (Ron Howard, CA/DX India/BC-DX TopNews 1197) Website:

6050 ELWA Radio, 2152-224. Announcer with a extended English religious text; apparently canned program package. Station ID and time check at 2200, followed by additional canned
religious program. Poor to fair signal, although somewhat better by tune out. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/DXplorer/BC-DX Top Nx 1197) Website:

Mongolian Costumes (
7260.00, Mongolian Radio, Khonkhor, *2300. Beginning with hymn and talks for fair signal. (Bernardini). Also heard at 1450-1500.* Mongolian folk music and closing announcement to closing Mongolian national anthem. SINPO 35233. No signal on 4830 or 4895. (Anker Petersen/DX Window 524) Website:

15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait, 1420-1515. English service ID's for 90.4 FM channel hosting program of current pop tunes. News at 1430, more pop music tunes. At 1500 the Arabic program began with news. Good signal. (Rich D'Angelo/HCDX/DX Window 524) Website:

Papua New Guinea
7324.96, Wantok Radio Light, Port Moresby (presumed), 0700-0900. Weak carrier with audio only when the signal peaks. Very strange interruption in the transmission between 0729 to 0756 when the signal came back on 7325.06 and rapidly drifted down to 7324.96. The signal at it's best at 0800-0830 when it faded away to be gone at 0900. At 1000 CRI starts up exactly on 7325. No signal noted from Feb 9 and onwards. (Nilsson/DX Window 524) Website:

15470, Vatican Radio relay at 1550. Afternoon Mass service with Bible readings and congregational responses, followed by The Lord’s Prayer. Poor signal (Sellers). Website:

6000, Adygeyskoye Radio Armavir, 1842-1900.* Unidentified language with talks and songs for fair signal. (Bernardini). Adyghe language scheduled in Foreign Service. (Anker Peterson, Denmark/DX Window 524)

Saudi Arabia
15205, Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, 1736-1758.* Arabic talk and recitations from Quran. Fair signal. (Rich D’Angelo, PA/DX Window 524)

9585, Trans World Radio 1454. Musical interval signal station identification for 1455 sign-on. French scheduled for Saturdays and Malagasy other days. Poor signal (Sellers). Website:

5875, BBC relay, 1309. Program reporting on the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Signal poor // 6195 via BBC Singapore relay (Sellers) Website:

7505, TWR India relay 1537 in listed Punjabi. Translations of pastor's English text. TWR India via Armenia heard on 11635 according to schedules. Similar programming of translated preacher, but in listed Urdu (Sat & Sun only). Signal very good (Sellers). Website: