Saturday, February 07, 2015

Have you logged Scandinavian Weekend Radio today ?

Scandinavian Weekend Radio (SWR) transmitter site is located in the Virrat city, Upper Tampere Region, Liedenpohja village. Our station broadcasts mainly on the first Saturday of every month for 24 hours, live on short waves, medium waves and FM starting 00:01 local time. (+3 UTC).

The station offers an alternative for radio operations who are interested the opportunity to participate in private radio. The station is free of playlists, and it contributes to the radio hobby.

We are currently broadcasting(February 7) on 1602 AM, 94.9 FM, and on shortwave 5980, 6170, 11690, and 11720 kHz. On 25mb we have a bit special antenna arrangements and feedback is
really welcome.

Reception reports or general correspondence may be sent to: or postal address:

P.O. Box 99
FI-34801 Virrat