Thursday, October 11, 2018

Blog Logs - SDR observations

All times UTC/in frequency order

Logs from 11 October 2018, 0500-0600 UTC, taken in remote SDR units at Doha Qatar, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

  629.997 ???  Tunisia ?, HQ Arabic at 0501 UT.
  926.980 ???  TWR Izmir, Turkey, all MW disturbed and weak level.

 7410.004 IRN  IRIB Sirjan in Arabic at 0510 UT Oct 11, powerhouse signal in Qatar remote SDR as S=9+45dB or -32dBm.

 9420.002 GRC  VoGreece Avlis, female voice speaker, S=9+10dB or -65dBm  signal at 0512 UT.

 9799.997 IRN  IRIB Zahedan, Arabic sce, 0515 UT, registered 0230-0530 UT,  S=9+30dB or -51dBm, \\ 7410 Sirjan site.

11970.000 KWT  Radio Kuwait English sce in DRM mode. 10 kHz wide data  block visible on waterfall window. S=9+25dB in Doha Qatar. 0520 UT on Oct 11.

11980.007 TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish at 0523 UT. S=9+20dB signal

United Arab Emirates
13580.116 UAE  Much odd freq outlet of BBC London in English, via ME relay site Al Dhabbaya. S=9+5dB fair signal in local UAE skip zone area, at 0525 UT Oct 11.

13600even OMA  Radio Oman from Thumrait, noted at 0526 and 0540 UT, station ID at 05.40:50 UT.

13610.001 IRN  IRIB Zahedan site, scheduled 0530-1430 UT, heard at 0542 UT male Arabic singer program, S=9+30dB or -47dBm, also accompanied IRN Arabic in 22 mb by Saudi Arabia spoken and
 music program nearby on

Saudi Arabia
13609.994 ARS  Riyadh light Arabic program, co-channel as jamming against  IRIB Tehran. Little weaker heard in Qatar and Hungary remotes.

13669.964 CHN  Usual ODD fq of PBS Xinjiang Uighur sce from Urumqi western China relay site, RTC was often odd fq on this channel.S=9+5dB at 0530 UT, scheduled 0257-1227 UT.

North Korea
13649.034 KRE  Voice of Korea, Kujang, in English, only weak at 0544 UT.

13700even CHN  CNR13 Lingshi site, Uighur progr, S=8 in Qatar at 0549 UT.

13710.006 IRN  IRIB Tehran via Sirjan site, Turkish program registered at 0420-0550 UT. S=9+15dB sidelobe at 0551 UT.

13740.007 IRN  IRIB Tehran via Sirjan site, scheduled 0550-0820 UT, Dari language towards AFG/PAK central Asia. S=7-8 in Qatar SDR site.At 0553 UT on Oct 11.

13765.680 TUR  TRT Emirler noted with over and over TRT interval signal  at 0554-0600 UT, opening with Turkish mx, scheduled 0600-0655 UT

North Korea
13759.998 KRE  Voice of Korea, Kujang, registered 0500-0557 UT, noted an S=6 signal ID in Spanish language at 05.56:40 UT. Full Vo Korea Spanish schedule to South America target read...

13780.008 IRN  IRIB Tehran Arabic service via Sirjan site, S=6 level, noted at 0559 UT, scheduled 0530-0830 UT, and accompanied by  Saudi Arabia jammer service at 0559 UT on Oct 11 on

Saudi Arabia
13780.002 ARS  underneath music jamming by Riyadh security service.
(selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz/(wb, df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)